Erin + JP / Life University & Downtown Marietta Engagement

Who knew that you could meet someone from an Instagram tag?  Well, that's the way met our next bride, Erin. We tagged the bridal shop of another bride's wedding dress, and when the bridal shop reposted our photo, Erin saw it!  She contacted us from that and here we are now blogging their engagement portraits. How about that?  So very cool indeed... But, it gets cooler. :) 

Erin and her my mom came out to meet for a consultation, and I'm telling you... it was like I've known them for years. Erin's mom was the sweetest lady and it's no wonder she raised such an incredible daughter. I just love Cafe Intermezzo for many reasons and if you read our blogs, you know by now that that's where I had my first date with my wife. But, they also seriously have the best coffee. I introduced Erin's mom to one that they have there and she fell in love with it and said, "That was the best cup of coffee I've her had!".  I think that sold her more than our photography. :)  I had the best time getting to know our new bride and learning about her love for JP. JP wasn't there not because he just couldn't, but because he is in the Navy and was deployed at that time. I love our country and have so much respect for our soldiers. I'm not sure if I would ever have the guts to be able to do what they do for our nation. And what their family go through is not easy by any means either. I fell in love with this couple and their story instantly. Couldn't wait to meet JP. We scheduled their e-session of course for when he came back, and I'm so happy to be sharing with you all the photos of this beautiful couple.  I made sure to make JP happy because do you see this guy in the pic??  Yeah, he could totally knock me out in one punch. :) In all seriousness, their shoot meant so much more because of what it stands for. JP is deployed again right now, so our prayers are with him. Erin, I'm so thankful that you checked your Instagram that day!  Look where we are now because of it!  Thank you for making me feel like your family already. Looking forward to your wedding day and meeting all those that you love.  Hope you love these photos!!