Ashlee + Jon / Intercontinental Buckhead & Christ The King Cathedral Wedding

Georgia... I love Georgia.  Atlanta has been my home ever since I moved from Canada back in 2000, and I can't imagine moving anywhere else.  I love how it never gives me a dull moment with its weather.  :)  One day, it's perfect 70 degrees, the next day can bring us an ice storm.  Well, this day was one of those days where the temperature was dropping fast as the week passed by.  Of course, I knew that Ashlee + Jon's wedding was coming up this Saturday.  We also had a bridal show to attend the day after on Sunday.  Both of these events were happening in downtown Atlanta, and I live in the suburbs.  At the beginning of this week, I literally wore shorts outside.  But, by the time Friday came around, I heard talks of ice on the roads all over the news.  If they were predicting just a little bit of snow, I wouldn't have worried, but ice is totally different.  I'm from Canada and even Canadians can't drive on ice!  As we all know, even meteorologists can't perfectly predict the weather, but I was not going to risk getting stuck in the suburbs when it was our couple's wedding day.  So, my wife and I decided to get a hotel in downtown across the street from our couple's venue the night before so that we were guaranteed to be there and there on time on Saturday!  It was actually fun because my wife and I got to have a little one night getaway!  As predicted, the temps really fell and things started to freeze, but the roads weren't terribly bad in downtown anyways.  But, we were so happy that we were there!  

Ashlee was all smiles when we met her the morning of her wedding.  She was one of the happiest brides I've ever met!  Loved and appreciated her enthusiasm throughout the entire day.  Ok, so can you imagine how cold it is when the temps are around the 20s?  By the time the sun set, it was literally in the teens.  Now, even for this Canadian, that's cold!  But, wow!  Ashlee, Jon and their entire wedding party took it like champs!  I didn't hear ONE complaint from anyone... That meant so much to us.  Even in freezing weather, these folks were so willing to step outside to get a few shots here and there.  And not just that... they had fun while doing it.  The most cooperative wedding party award goes to this group!  Really, guys... if you're reading this, THANK YOU!  

Ashlee was absolutely gorgeous and Jon was simply dapper.  They were the kindest couple to work with and the most joyful to be around.  We totally enjoyed this wedding from start to finish.  Even all family members and friends were the best!  It was a true celebration, and it was quite the most perfect way to begin the new year.  And oh!  The reception was decorated so amazingly!  WOW!  The details were just fabulous.  Ok, let me stop so that you can all see the photos yourself!  :)  Ashlee + Jon, our sincere congrats to you both.  May your love for one another continue to grow and never stop smiling!