Taren + Harrison / Perimeter Church & 550 Trackside Wedding

There are people you meet that just have the presence of peace in them.  They make you feel calm and comfortable.  There's no anxiety, stress or negativity of any kind.  That's the way Taren + Harrison's wedding began... peacefully.  It was a dreary morning with sprinkles falling here and there, but we hoped for the best and Taren stayed calm the entire time.  Her and her bridesmaids were having a great time getting ready together and I kid you not.... as soon as we got outside to do the first look, the rain completely stopped and the skies gave us the most ideal weather.  Thank God!  And our bride... wow!  She totally looked like a doll.  And our groom?  Harrison was the most dapper groom EVER!  These two were absolutely picture perfect together.  Not just on the outside, but on the inside too... I mean, they had so much fun that smiles never even left our faces!  You could just tell how much they cherished one another... At the end of their reception, I told my wife that I've never seen so much dancing at a reception before.  There was so much joy and it was so contagious that I was about to just drop my camera and hit the dance floor too. :)  In all seriousness, every member of this couple's family were so amazing to be around.  They were the most kind, generous and sweet group of folks I've ever met!  Every bridesmaid, every groomsmen, every friend that attended this couple's wedding were there to truly celebrate the union of Taren and Harrison.  It was so genuine... This couple will be my perfect example of a couple who totally trusted us.  When you trust a creative, we can't help but flow in the rhythm of our ideas.  And because they did and allowed us to do what we do best, the day flowed so amazingly well and I was more than pleased with their portraits!  Taren and Harrison, we are so thankful for you guys!  We appreciate everything from the beginning to the end... We enjoyed every minute of your wedding, and we hope that these pictures will make you smile every time you see them for the rest of your lives!   Thank you for choosing us... we are truly grateful!  And, here's to a happy marriage!