Rosa Family / Freeman Mill Park Portraits

Elisa + Jaime… How do we even begin this blog?  Let me just say that we go waaaaaaay back.  Back to when we were all young and single.  I went on a missions trip with Jaime and a group of folks to Nicaragua back in…. I believe it was 2004.  Elisa was a native in that country, and we met her through the ministry we were part of there.  Well, it was pretty obvious to me that Jaime had special interest in her.  And, I am very proud to say that I gladly took the role as their match maker and helped Jaime make the move of telling her.  :)  Here we are how many years later… Elisa was able to come to the US and now they have been happily married for 10 years with three children!  How amazing!  So thankful that we are still friends and just love being able to relate to them as a family of five. They are the most humble, gracious folks you will ever meet.  Such great listeners, helpers, givers… They always want to serve you in any way possible and be there for you anyhow they can.  They are raising their three beautiful children so well… We were stoked when they expressed an interest in getting photos done for their 10 year anniversary.  Wow, 10 years!!!!  It’s a big deal, guys… We have been married for 11 now and every anniversary is a celebration, and we just love couples who continue to celebrate their marriage.  My wife had so much fun picking out outfits with Elisa and just being girls by shopping and making this photo shoot happen.  It was even cuter that they included their children into the first half of the shoot and then Elisa’s sister picked the kids up so that Mommy and Daddy could have a few photos done by themselves.  It was perfect!  Elisa was absolutely stunning and Jaime looked handsome.  Yes, you did, Jaime!  ;)  As parents of little ones, it’s hard to find a time where we can just hang out ourselves, so we took this opportunity to double date after the shoot without our kiddos and have some adult time!  It was great just catching up with them and talking about various things in life.  Wow… all I can say is that God is good.  Good indeed!  It is so neat how He can bring a man and a woman from such different walks of life together.  I mean, just look at this family… Can their kids be any cuter?  They behaved so well too… Elisa + Jaime, we are so grateful for you guys!  Thank you for being our friends and now our clients too.  We love you guys!

Do you have an upcoming anniversary?  There’s no better way than to capture this time of your life…. you will never get it back just like your wedding day.  Contact us today and let’s get it all planned out!