Rachel + Kyle / Juliet Chapel Wedding Portraits

If my wife and I ever do a wedding renewal one day, this is the way we would do it.... In this wedding blog post, you'll notice the beauty of the simplicity that they went for.  There's the sweetest little chapel in the north Georgia mountains called Juliet Chapel.  We have shot a few weddings here and it's for brides that want something low key.  There's just something about this place that makes you want to just pause and take it all in.  This place makes me want to just breathe in the fresh air and sloooooow down.  Being in a place like this makes me realize that all will be ok and that life is good.  The view here is absolutely stunning... the air is light and crisp and fresh, the sky is so clear that even at night, you can actually see stars!  TONS of them...! It's definitely a wonderful getaway from all the hustle and bustle.  

I just love that Rachel and Kyle did it their way.  This wedding took place on a Thursday.  Yes, Thursday!  I say, "why not?!"  OH, how this business would be so different if weddings don't "have" to be on a Saturday... They invited only their closest family and friends.  It was the most intimate wedding I have been part of.  It was simple, yet meaningful.  It was elegant just like the bride... I loved how there was no rush of any kind at this wedding... Every minute was calm... there was no stress, no anxiety, no tension, simply just peace. For the last few weddings that we had here, I really wanted to shoot on a specific hill, but it never happened because we never had enough time in the schedule. But, not this time!  We had PLENTY of time and when I asked Rachel if she was willing to jump over the fence, there was no hesitation.  She jumped right on over like it was nothing with her wedding dress on.  :)  (Be sure to see the pic of that at the very end of the blog.)  And... why do you think there were fences?  Because there were cows... and where there are cows, you know... there's poop.  Really yucky poop... and lots of it... everywhere!  From the photos, it may look flawless, but trust me, there were a lot of 'flaws' on the ground that we had to conquer.  :)   But nope, Rachel and Kyle did not care at all.  My wife did though... She had no choice but to come with us. :)  Oh, and may I add that it as freezing?  As you know, the weather in Georgia has been so unpredictable.  One day, it's summer and the next day is winter.  Well, it was back to winter on this day, but even through that, Rachel and Kyle were absolute troopers!  

Rachel and Kyle, we will always remember your wedding! Thank you for inspiring us to do something like this one day for us!  We loved every aspect of your wedding, but not more than we loved YOU guys!  Our sincere congrats to you...