Yewande + Elvin / Ashton Gardens Atlanta Wedding

Can you tell it's wedding season?  We are so happy to introduce our newly weds, Yewande + Elvin, to you guys!  I feel so connected with this couple in so many ways... first, they go to Victory World Church which is like our second home and we value things the same way. Just like the way I married my wife who is of different culture than me, so did Elvin. Yewande is Nigerian and I love and appreciate the way he embraces it. They incorporated some Nigerian traditions into their wedding and that was my favorite part!  Gosh, I just love their traditional costumes... the colors are so vibrant and beyond beautiful, but not more than our bride, Yewande. She was absolutely gorgeous. Watching this couple put God first through their actions and their vows was just so awesome to see.  Marriage is a covenant and is not to be taken lightly. I so respect Elvin's love for his bride and it just makes me think that we need more men like him in our world!  It was a bit more chilly than we expected, but everyone were troopers for the photos!  Yewande and Elvin, we are so grateful that you chose us to be your photographers.  It was a blast and we only wish you the best!  God already has and will do incredible things through your marriage. We hope that these photos bring much joy to you as you relive each moment of your wedding day. Talk to you guys soon!