Ali + Tommy / Christ The King & Piedmont Park Greystone

I remember being so happy when we received an email from Ali... We shot her brother's wedding a few years ago, and when his sweet sister wanted us to shoot her wedding too, we were stoked!  Because they live in Minneapolis, we couldn't meet in person for the consultation, BUT we did when I got to fly out to the Twin Cities for the engagement shoot!  Oh my gosh.... I can't tell you how incredible that shoot was!  As a creative, being placed in a NEW location for a shoot is more exciting than I can even describe.  Ali helped us to find some awesome locations and yes... it was pretty awesome!  Getting to know Ali and Tommy there got me even more excited to shoot their wedding in Atlanta as well.  Do you know this couple?  If you don't, you must!  Really, how am I so blessed to have the most perfect clients?!  They're so easy going... so pleasant to be around.  If I didn't end up being a photographer in my life, I probably would've become a comedian, so when Ali and Tommy laughed at my jokes, it really made me feel good.  :)  

Oh, was I so happy that their wedding day came or what?  The day was absolutely gorgeous... Not too hot, not too cold.  Really, it was the most ideal weather for a wedding day.  It got me more excited because my wife came to shoot this one with me!  When we entered the hotel room of where Ali and her bridesmaids were getting ready, it felt like a reunion for me because Jenny and Brandon (Ali's brother and sis-in-law) were there!  And their two little sweet hearts were too.... my goodness, they were so cute!  It is the most fulfilling thing for me when we see our couples so happily married and their families growing.  What a good thing that is!  

Ali was the most sweet bride.  As every minute passed, she was closer to being married to the man of her dreams, Tommy.  We could feel the anticipation rising as she got one step closer into wearing her dress.  Loved seeing her friends being so supportive and really celebrating this moment with her.  When she was completely ready, all you heard was "ooooo.....", "ahhh....", "wow....".  What a timeless, classy bride she was!  I know Tommy couldn't wait to see her walk down the aisle... Well, the moment they waited for finally came.  Her dad linked his arm around hers and presented his precious daughter.  What a bitter-sweet moment that is going to be for me.  I'll definitely do the ugly cry!  Catching Tommy take glimpses of his beautiful bride was the cutest thing.  :)  You'll see that pic below.  :)  The ceremony was beautiful!  Everything was beautiful!  We had the most cooperative and supportive wedding party, and I clearly remember whispering to my wife, "Isn't this the most stress free wedding?"  Everything ran on time and early at times with their wedding.  How awesome is that?!  

My kind of reception is one with tons of dancing, and tons of dancing is what we got!  LOVE IT!  Every guest was so into it and it was truly a successful party.  The food was amazing, the DJ was awesome, the decor, EVERYTHING!  One thing I knew that Ali wanted was our night time portraits after the getaway, and we had the best time getting a few shots with the stunning view of the Atlanta skyline.  Some of her friends stayed and made it very fun!  Ali and Tommy, I can honestly say that you guys really made our jobs easy.  It's our job to give you a great experience, but you know what?  You guys gave that to us!!  We appreciate you both so much... Our hope is that these photographs of your most special day be treasured.  That every time you see these photos, you'll be able to remember those moments even as you retell the story over and over to your children and your grandchildren in the future.  It was an honor to be there...