Sara + David + Kona / Lake Lanier Puppy Love

In just six months, we had three shoots with this couple... their engagement portraits, wedding and now, their first family portraits!  Oh, I just LOVE people who love to document their lives!  And I have to add that Sara and David are probably the most laid back, easy going couple who I absolutely love working with.  They're the sweetest!  When they contacted us regarding their first portrait session with Kona, I was stoked to see them again.  Lake Lanier is where we did their engagement portraits and because they love this place so much, we decided to do this session there again.  As I drove in Lake Lanier, these two trees were fully bloomed... wow!  It was beautiful!  It was right in front of the lake and it was a perfect spot for a great sunset shoot.  It was even better because we didn't even have to go all the way into the park, so we didn't have to pay for parking. Woot woot!  I called Sara the new spot I found, and I just knew that they would love it.  We spent the whole hour at this spot and got some great shots of their love for one another and the cutie patootie, Kona!  What a darling family!  Oh man.... it was so hard to not stop by a pet store and pick a puppy up for our kids... :)  Sara and David, it's always a pleasure to see your sweet smiles!  Thank you for coming back to us again, and I can't wait for our next shoot!  So happy that you were able to meet my family as well... We appreciate you guys!  We hope that you love these photos and please kiss Kona for us especially from our kids.  :)