Noren + Arsalaan / Roswell Mill & Buckhead Engagement

It is our pleasure to introduce to you all, Noren + Arsalaan!  They're such a well rounded couple.  First, as you can see, they're gorgeous... Second, they're super duper intelligent.  So much that I'm going to feel very safe at their wedding.  :)  They're both in the medical field!  Noren is a PA and Arsalaan is a doctor! So yeah... if I break an ankle, need CPR or hurt myself in any way, I know they'll rescue me.  :)  Third, they're so FUN!  If you know me, FUN is the most important aspect of life, so when I meet folks who agrees, I can't help but be their friends.  :)  Gosh, what a BLAST we had!  HUGE thanks to her dear sister, Manisha, for connecting us!

We've planned this couple's e-session months ago, so I was so happy that it finally came.  As the date got closer, Noren sent us her outfit options and we were like, 'WOW!!!!!' She was going all out which we LOVED!  She chose Roswell as our location to start off with and then ended it at my fav spot in Buckhead.  The weather was just stunning, but not more than this couple... They seriously looked fabulous.  The details on both of Noren's dresses were remarkable... We just connected so well and had a great time just talking about life.  Every single shot we took looked amazing... I mean, this couple just couldn't take a bad picture even if they tried!  The pictures will prove that they're 'picture perfect', but even in real life, trust me.... they're so crazy in love with one another.  They adore and respect each other and know how to cherish the love between them.  Their love is so apparent... 

This couple just knew how to speak my love language... They gave me fun AND food!  Yes, they offered to buy me dinner after the shoot and I thought that was the sweetest thing.  See, I told you guys...  They're seriously so well rounded in every way.  Just a perfect balance of everything!  Noren and Arsalaan, I appreciated our evening with you.  Thank you for making everything from the beginning to the end so enjoyable.  It hardly felt like work!  Can't wait to see you guys very soon at your wedding.... I KNOW it's going to be one incredible weekend.  Our sincere congrats to you both!  Talk to you guys soon!