Laura + David / Sawnee Mountain & The Avalon Engagement

We love going to bridal shows because we get to meet couples like Laura + David!  Planning her engagement was so easy because she basically just left it to us.  She mentioned loving the scenery of the mountains, so we knew that Sawnee Mountains would be perfect them!  But, why is it that there's always hard work involved if you want something good?  For a view like this, you know you have to climb up that mountain!  We told them to bring comfy tennis shoes because a hike will be involved with this shoot.  :)  It's only a mile, so not toooooo bad, but it was quite hot this evening.  If you're a Georgian, you know how the season changes on a daily basis, and on this day, it chose to be summer.  We felt so bad that it was hot, but I tell you what... our couples just never complain!  Laura and David didn't either and had a smile on their faces the entire time.  We took a few minutes to cool off after we reached the top and then got started with the shoot.  Well, I felt bad again because Laura had a little fear of heights, but wow... she faced her fear and fought through it like a champ with the help from David.  Seeing them conquer that together made me think that marriage is just like that.  Life will make you face many unpredictable and sometimes scary things, but TOGETHER, with each other's support, you will be able to conquer it all.  Laura held onto David so tightly and he was there for her to lean on and depend on the entire time.  He was there for her... Oh my gosh, I just love this couple so much!  

We then headed to Avalon in Alpharetta and got some fun, city shots and night time portraits.  They just recently opened a new street at Avalon and it was pact with people!  Have you guys ever been there?  We go there often personally and for shoots too, and it's one of our favorite places to go.  It's kid friendly too and they just have a lot of restaurants, a theatre and shopping.  It's nice to just walk around for a cute date night!  We had the loveliest time with Laura and David and after the shoot, the smell from the restaurants were calling our name.  :)  We all had dinner together and then of course had to get dessert!  So, there's this place called Jeni's Ice Cream. I'm sure many of you have heard of it.  If not, guys... let me just say that I didn't know that ice cream could get better!  Because it was a Friday night, the line was even longer, but we knew it was going to be worth it and we just enjoyed talking to Laura and David more.  Loved getting to know them and getting some medical advice from our smart clients!  As expected, the ice cream was indescribably tasty... I'm sure we exceeded our calorie count for the day, but hey... you gotta live a little, right? ;)  

Laura and David, you guys made us leave your shoot feeling so fulfilled, happy and encouraged.  You guys are the most genuine, beautiful couple inside and out!  Thank you for everything!  We're so looking forward to your wedding in December... Can't wait to get to know you even more and celebrate YOU!  Until then.... take care!

With much love,

Craig and Unchong :)