Loren + Richard / McDaniel Farm Park & Downtown Duluth Engagement

I clearly remembered Loren and Richard come to our booth at a bridal show in January.  I remembered thinking, "Wow!  What a beautiful couple!"  As they looked through our albums, I could tell right away that they knew how to appreciate the art of photography.  The questions that they asked were different than the norm... they knew how to ask the technical and the artistic side of digital photography, and I really appreciated that about them.  Craig was talking to another couple at that time, so I was happy that we were all able to connect and get their questions answered.  All we knew was that we wanted this couple to become our clients!  There was just something about them... The chemistry between them was great and like I said, they were just beautiful!  Well, the ending is obvious because here we are blogging their engagement portraits!  Craig came back from this shoot so energized.  He said, "They reminded me of why I chose to be photographer and that I really love my job."  Gosh... as his wife, that made me so fulfilled and happy.  And, how come I miss all the shoots where there's food involved afterwards?  ;)  So, thanks to Loren + Richard, "Thank U Chicken" is now part of our lives.  There's one thing that all of our best friends have in common.  They LOVE food.  Most people eat food to live, but my people and I live to eat. How many of you know what I'm talking about?  Loren + Richard are like that too, so guys... just wait... we're going to have more food adventures with you and become your BFF's! :)   I know... I'm inviting myself.  LOL  Well, let me stop writing so that you guys can see for yourselves how stunning this couple is.  I mean, they just can't take a bad picture!  They are very comfortable in front of the camera... made our job easy and we are counting down the days until their wedding day is here!  Loren + Richard, we are so thankful for you guys... see you again soon on your wedding day!  

With much love,

Craig + Unchong