Nicole + Robert / The Crafty Hog Smyrna Wedding

One morning, I got a call from a stranger or so I thought.  But, it was far from a stranger, it was Nicole!  She said that our mutual friend, Ben, referred her to us and that we all went to ministry school together YEEEEARS ago.  (Huge shout out to Ben for the referral!)  I was like, "OMG!!!!  YES, NICOLE!"  It has been so long since I've seen her and all of our mutual friends that we used to hang out with all the time. It was so wonderful to speak with her and catch up on the good ol days... It meant so much that Nicole would consider us to be her photographers especially because she knew how I used to act when I was younger.  MUCH younger... ;)hehe  I was even more excited because her wedding was very close and we didn't have to wait long at all to see everyone.  We were also so happy that we were available on her wedding day.  We usually meet our couples at a coffee shop for a full consultation, but with Nicole, we met at her venue!  She was having a walk through and since I've never been there before, I was very interested in checking it out before the wedding.  The venue was the Crafty Hog.  Where is that, you ask?  It's a barbecue restaurant that has a reception area in the back.  (And yes, the food is incredible!)  The reason why they chose this location was because it's Nicole + Robert's favorite spot to hang out and eat.  I absolutely LOVE it when couples choose unique places that are sentimental to them... because it gives me that much more of a vision when capturing photos there.  Because it's special to them, it becomes valuable to us and allows us to be more creative.  This wedding was like a reunion for me too, so it was special in many ways.  LOVED seeing everyone... wish that I was able to catch up more, but hey, I had to work and capture these beautiful images for you all below.  I was able to work with so many different textures and unique spots for this wedding... Let me stop now so that you guys can see it for yourselves.  The couple was absolutely stunning and great models in front of the camera.  I know you can see it for yourselves that they are beautiful people inside and out.  Nicole + Robert, we congratulate you guys from the bottom of our hearts.  Thank you so much for having us there and letting us be part of your wedding day... May God continue to fill your lives with joy, peace and love.