Leah + Jack / North Georgia Mountains Engagement

Recently, we've been saying how our portrait sessions have been very "adventurous". From snakes to mosquitos, bees... but, our session with Leah + Jack topped it all. We drove to the mountains in Jasper, GA, for their e-session and we couldn't believe that this place was not that far from us. The view was spectacular!!!  Wow!  Our couple lives there, and it really made us think of moving there until........... we saw a bear and then another one. Whoa!  We got there early and they were already ready, so they drove us around to see some places for photos, and we saw them crossing the road.  We couldn't believe it!  They have seen that bear family before, but for us... we have never seen bears other than in zoos!  My wife acted ok there, but inside, she was literally freaking out!  Lol!  After that, she constantly checked her surroundings just in case. :) Thankfully, we didn't see them again because if we did while we were shooting, trust me... she would have just fainted. That was just a very small part of our time with our amazing couple. What a pleasure it was to be with them.  They're entering a new season in their lives and it was so great to see them simply happy. Leah is the happiest and friendliest person you'll ever meet and Jack is totally in love with her. Every time we set them up for a pose, he would tell her, "I love you", and every time he did that, it melted my heart!  Because it was a big neighborhood, we had to drive from scene to scene and so it was great getting to know them more while we talked in their truck. I'm just loving the fact that my wife is able to come to more shoots with me lately.  Experiencing and making memories with her and our clients all together have been super fun.  Leah + Jack, thank you for being so easy going and inviting. We had a wonderful time with you guys... you treat us like you've been knowing us for years and we love that about you!  We are looking forward to celebrating your wedding in the fall!  Hope you love the photos and can't wait to see you guys again!