Fraderica + T.J. / Westin Buckhead & The Ballroom at the Carlos Center Wedding

We met online.  :)  Yes, that is the way we met Fraderica and TJ.  They found us thx to Google more than a year ago!  I'm so happy to finally be blogging their wedding day for you all to see.  Everything about this wedding was grande... From Fraderica's fabulous dress, to TJ's change of jacket, to the venue, the wedding party and all the decor.  Everything had a wow factor.  Simon Cowell would have loved it.  :)  If you don't know who he is, maybe I'm just too old.  ;)  The bride looks like a model, you say?  Well, it's because she is!  This stunning couple were complete naturals in front of the camera... don't you agree?  Fraderica's dress had a detachable skirt piece that transformed from the ceremony to the reception.  VERY COOL!  It was like two dresses in one and she looked great in both of course.  Loved that TJ had a change of jacket too... I mean, how many grooms have two suit jackets on their wedding day?  With all the rain that we've been having this summer, thank God it didn't happen on this day.  The sky was so blue and clear and the clouds were amazing!  Weather is such a big part of a wedding day, so I always have to mention it.  It determines what kind of light I will have for photos and if you know photography, light is EVERYTHING!  Loved seeing these two enjoy themselves at the reception.  It was a party full of celebration!  Every guest enjoyed themselves and what a night it was... Fraderica and TJ, you guys have been so great to work with.  Will never forget the night we met at Cafe Intermezzo and just hung out!  I can't wait to see you guys once again at your post wedding session.  We are going to have a great time.  Congratulations once again and happy marriage!