Emily + Aaron / Little River Farms Wedding

What is love?  Baby don't hurt me... Just kidding... :)  In all seriousness, every couple is special to us because they simply are.  But, our next couple, Emily + Aaron, really hold a special place in our hearts.  We have known Aaron for many years as well as his family, but Emily?  We met her "online".  :)  When these two started dating, we saw their posts and started learning something unique about them.  The love between them and their story really stuck out to us.  I remember thinking, "Wow... when they get engaged, I hope that we will have the honor to capture their wedding day...".  Well, we saw their announcement and got so excited!!!  Deep in side, we just knew that our dream with them will come true because as cliche as it may sound, God told us it would.  Our connection with this couple was all Him.... God whispered to us that this was going to be!  Relationships like this is what makes what we do more than just a business.  We cherish opportunities like these where we get to capture the hearts of people, the stories of real people who allow God's love to conquer the good and the bad of life.  The beauty of their testimony brought tears to our eyes.  It reminded me God is so good to us.  It remind me that God heals, restores and make things new.  It reminded me that there is hope and that hope can only be found in Jesus.  That our lives are under God's control and that He is our strength.  We give Him the glory for what you're about to see.  These are more than just "pictures".  These are precious memories... memories to last a life time for Emily + Aaron, their future children, grandchildren... wow!  Sometimes when we go to weddings, the couple's parent's and grandparent's wedding photos are displayed, and to know that one day, our clients' photos will one day be displayed like that is unbelievable.  Emily + Aaron, what a pleasure it has been getting to know you and creating a friendship with you.  You are such beautiful people!  Keep loving the Lord and one another.  Keep inspiring and impacting as you are.  Keep your contagious, gorgeous smiles and bring joy in others as you encounter them.  We hope these photos bring much laughter and happy tears as you relive your most special day.  Congratulations and we love you!