Nicole + Rasheed / Buford Community Center Wedding

Believe it or not, I get nervous at every wedding.  Every time I eat breakfast before a wedding, I just have to make sure to breathe in and out slowly and calm my nerves and the butterflies in my stomach.  I am seriously not kidding.  Just ask my wife.  ;)  The feeling of nerves is good for me though because it pumps up my adrenaline and that just allows the creative juices to flow.  Well, for Nicole and Rasheed's wedding, can you imagine how nervous I was?  Why you ask?  Rasheed is a photographer himself.  That's why!  And an amazing one!  If there's one thing I get nervous about, it's when I meet fellow photographers let alone take their wedding photos!  Oh but what an honor it is... for someone who knows the craft of the skills to ask me... it is so encouraging especially when they're so humble like Rasheed.  Let me tell you... Rasheed is the sweetest teddy bear you'll ever meet.  And his wife, Nicole?  The sweetest lady ever!  It's no wonder they're such a great match.  Was their wedding beautiful?  Of course!  Was their cake good?  Absolutely... Was the bride beautiful?  You better believe it!  But, you know what my favorite part was?  Nicole crying.... the emotions!  The moment she opened her gift from her groom, to the moment Rasheed saw her the first time, to the moment of when she saw the photo sneak peeks.  ;) These emotions are what makes my job just priceless, and I love it!  Nicole and Rasheed, thank you for being the sweetest clients I've ever had.  You guys had such a beautiful wedding.  Thank you both for your continued encouraging words and support for what we do.  You are both incredible individuals and may your marriage be blessed!