Daphnee + Keniel / High Museum & Millennium Gate Atlantic Station Engagement

Words are powerful.  It can literally make or break someone.  God himself created this world through the power of His words and taught us that there’s power in what we say to ourselves and to each other, and I fully believe that.  We begin this blog with this statement because meeting Daphnee and Keniel was nothing less than powerful to us.  They are happily engaged right now and all they wanted was a great experience in photographing this once in a lifetime season of their lives.  A great experience is very important to them and we highly respect that, but you know what?  They gave that to us!  Wow!  We are blessed with incredible clients who really encourage us and we greatly appreciate every kind word that comes our way, but this couple especially went over the top!  Although we usually meet and have a full consultation with our couples, it was our first time meeting Daphnee and Keniel at their engagement shoot because they reside in sweet home Alabama.  I love how we can all meet for the first time (other than a convo on the phone and a few emails) and just click and connect.  We immediately saw the beauty between these two and how much they loved and honored one another.  Keniel was always there to serve and to always see if there was a need that Daphnee had, and we thought that it was the sweetest thing, and Daphnee was right there to return that love to Keniel.  For any photographer or a film maker when capturing a couple, something that the artist can’t give the subjects is chemistry between each other. You either have it or you don’t, and this couple definitely had it which made our job super duper easy!  Their smiles and laughs were beyond natural… they were genuine.  After the shoot, we were all starving, so we got to have dinner and wow… I think we could have stayed up talking all night, but the restaurant unfortunately kicked us out.  :)hehe The dinner was nonstop encouragement for us… and we see it as God’s sweet gift in perfect timing because we really needed it that day.  Just like anything else in life, business ownership can get pretty stressful and honestly can get discouraging, but what an impact this encounter gave us.  We drove home thinking if that was even real… it really put tears in our eyes and for that, we are truly grateful.  Daphnee and Keniel, you guys were our angels that day… we can’t thank you enough for what you did for us.  Your shoot is definitely one that we will never forget.  We hope that every time you look at these photos, you will always remember the gift that God gave to you which is each other.  That you are beautiful and no matter what, you have one another to lean on and do this life with.  May God bless you a thousand fold… we seriously can’t wait to celebrate your union on your wedding day!