Jacob Family / Lake Lanier Family Portraits

Family... sometimes the word says it all.  When it's family, you understand and love no matter what.  When a baby is born, isn't it amazing how you feel such an immense love for that child as soon as you see them?  As soon as you touch them?  You cry with tears of overflowing joy because you know that all the hard work through pregnancy and pain of delivery was so worth it and that you'll do whatever it takes to take care of your baby for the rest of its life... It's literally a miracle.  And this miracle continues to happen over and over for generations to create this thing called family... It's something that every human desires and longs for.  Because we all know what that feels like, our hearts break when we see an orphan or someone who lost a loved one.  It's all innate in us.  It's how God created us and it's an amazing thing.  This is why we love family portraits... because it makes you stop and view your family in a way that you don't have time to.  It makes you see a side of your family that you just don't get to see everyday... but, through photographs, it makes you realize that you do have a beautiful family and that all the joys and challenges that come along with it is all worth it.  Especially in our society where busyness overtakes our lives, I feel it's more important to intentionally stop, breathe and capture the beauty, the growth and the essence of your family.  Because you know what?  These times, these seasons will never come back to us. They will pass by fast, so I love families who choose to embrace and preserve these moments through photos.  We know the Jacob Family in many ways... we have mutual friends so it was great to finally spend some time with them and just get to know them... Our kids go to the same school and are actually very similar in age as well.  Many of our mutual friends go to the same church, so we have much in common.  We loved the fact that they invited their parents and brother's family to the shoot as well.  I know that these photos will hold so much meaning for this family... We almost had to reschedule the shoot because of the weather, but thank God we didn't because the rain held off and it was actually a stunning evening... We shot right at golden hour and wow... the pictures turned out amazing!  We loved all the laughter during their shoot... we all had a great time and it just seemed so meaningful.  You could just tell that this family valued and honored one another so much.  It was very fulfilling to see that!  Susan and family, we are so happy to have begun a friendship with you all.  Thank you for being so inviting and comfortable to work with and choosing us to be your photographers!  We adore your family and hope to deepen our friendship with you.  Blessings!