Sarah + Tyler / Little River Farms Wedding

You know it's an amazing wedding when my wife comes to me and says, "If we ever get married to each other again, I'd do it just like this...".  Yes, it was that beautiful.  The venue, the style, the colors, the bridal party, the guests, and of course the dapper groom and his gorgeous bride.  And can we talk about her dress please?  One of the first things that we do as soon as we get to a wedding is to ask where the bride's dress is.  We drive in anticipation wondering what she's going to wear because that will determine so many things for us as photographers.  The length of her train, how mobile it will be, how delicate, the fit, her veil, everything... It determines the poses that we will use, where we can go at the venue for photos, etc... Well, as soon as we saw Sarah's dress, both of our jaws dropped wide open.  We couldn't believe how perfect it was.  You'll see it in the photos, but it had a champagne satin layer beneath the lace that gave it such a unique look and color.  And the details of her lace.... wow!  When Sarah put her dress on, we all literally gasped.  Stunning?  No, not even that word did her beauty justice.  She was indescribably beautiful... The fit was amazing and more than anything, she was the most easy going bride who really expressed so much joy every second of her day.  And then yes... it was time for Tyler to lay his eyes on his bride for the first time.  The rain stopped just in time so we were able to go outside to set up their first look.  Tyler too looked incredible in his navy blue suit (our fav color!).  As she approached him, you could see the expressions of his wonder... As soon as she tapped him on his shoulder, he didn't have to wonder anymore.  Their smiles were the brightest I've ever seen and they were in their own world of happiness.  They were even happier when the weather finally cooperated allowing their dream outdoor ceremony come true!  It's the most heartbreaking thing when rain calls for the backup plan, but not for this couple!  Ah... our business motto is, "Happy bride, happy photographer".  :)  Can there be stress free weddings?  Yes!  This well planned wedding proves that it can exist!  What a joy it was to be part of such an occasion... As my wife and I said goodbye after our last shot, we drove home thinking how peaceful the whole day was.  Really, we loved everything about it.  Everything just went so smoothly.  Sarah and Tyler, being in this business, we have to define what our ideal clients look like and you have defined that for us.  We are not just making this up.  We honestly discussed it for our next business plan.  That's how incredible you guys have been and we feel so blessed.  So thankful that we got to meet you at the bridal show, had an epic engagement session and now your dream wedding.  It was truly beautiful.... Thank you so much for treating us with value and valuing photography.  You both treat those around you with honor and grace, and it was an honor to be there to share the most important day of your lives.  We hope that you will treasure these captured memories... We can't wait to work with you again!