Christen + Sean / Maternity Portraits McDaniel Farm Park

Don't get me wrong... I love weddings.  Of course I do!  But, one thing that makes a portrait session better than a wedding day is that we can talk to our clients and really have a down to earth, stress free conversation as we shoot with them.  We shot Christen + Sean's wedding in Florida last summer and when we received their inquiry for maternity photos, I remember my wife and I both simultaneously saying, "Awe.......!"  What is it about babies that just makes our hearts melt?  We are parents of three and even through all the craziness that we went through raising them, we STILL love babies and believe that pregnancy is such a beautiful thing.  Our youngest this year turned 4 and my wife and I have been having some baby fever lately... I know, we cray!  After this shoot, it made us want another little one even more.  I mean, how can you not?  Look at this couple... look how happy they are!!!!  Look how gorgeous Christen is with her baby bump... Oh, how precious is this season of life?  Their baby is so blessed to have a loving father who is hard working and nicest guy ever.... and a mom who is sweet, kind, and very intelligent.  She is a third grade teacher and let me tell you.... my oldest child just finished third grade and I couldn't help her with half of her homework!  Teachers seriously amaze me... from their organizational skills, to their patience, intelligence, discipline and of course the love they have for each child in their classroom is truly amazing!  How they can keep order with all those children in one room gets me every time.  I can't do that even with my OWN kids and I only have three!  :)  

Christen and Sean, it was really such a pleasure seeing you both again.  We are really so happy for you both and can't wait to hear the good news of your child's birth!  You guys are going to be INCREDIBLE parents.  Hope you love these photos and can't wait to do your next session.  This time, with your baby in your arms... :)  We love you guys!