Fraderica + TJ / Swan House Atlanta History Center Wedding Portraits

Rain... we've been getting a lot more of it than we would have liked this summer.  It's as if Georgia has become Florida... hot and humid during the day and then afternoon thunderstorms in the afternoon... Well, because Fraderica + TJ didn't have first look on their wedding day, they decided to do a post wedding session.  We were stoked when they told us that it was going to be at the Swan House!  It's almost like a hidden treasure, and every time we go there, it takes our breath away.  As the day got closer, Mr. Weatherman kept giving us bad news, so we had to reschedule.  We were so bummed!  But, hey... what could we do, right?  It was so worth the wait because the day finally arrived and it was epic!  Rain was nowhere in sight... nothing, but beauty all around especially our bride!  Fraderica looked incredible just like the way she did on her wedding day and TJ of course looked sharp in his tux!  They faced the heat like champs and we had an amazing shoot... If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, I'm sure you've seen some of these sneak peeks and how we have shared that Fraderica has professional modeling experience.  As a photographer, modeling is something that I have learned to appreciate more and more. It's beyond going in front of the camera and looking pretty.  It's a skill... a serious skill that not many can be taught to do.  It definitely has to come naturally and as you can see in the photos, it shows how this couple really knew how to get it done.  

Do we recommend post wedding sessions?  YES!  HIGHLY!  Think about it... no stress of a wedding day.  Three whole hours of shooting in places that you can't on a wedding day and tons of portraits of just you and your spouse which are the photos that will matter most, AND there's no distraction of any kind.  You don't have to rush to get anywhere... You just take photos!  On top of that, you get to wear your dress again.  I mean, when will you ever wear it again?  Probably never... I think this couple would agree with us!  Fraderica + TJ, you guys made such a wise decision for getting these done for yourselves.  Thank you for coming out and pushing through the heat to create these images together.  You guys were amazing and we appreciate your love of photography!  We hope you enjoy them as much as we had photographing them.  Once again, congratulations and we hope that your marriage is better everyday and that you'll cherish one another forever!