Nancy + Paul / Roswell Mill Engagement

There are many reasons why we enjoy engagement portraits that are beyond taking the photographs of our couples.  During these sessions, we really learn a lot about our couple’s personalities, the chemistry between the couple, how comfortable they are in front of the camera, how they interact with one another.  What style of photos they like or prefer, what kind of poses are more natural on them, which angles are more flattering for them, etc… It seems that we are not observing these details during the shoots, but we are because we have to because every couple is different.  And all these things matter to the outcome of the photos.  But!  There’s more… We love seeing how they adore one another, pay attention to each other’s needs, how they gaze in each other’s eyes.  All these things also matter and these are things that we are very sensitive to as we are learning more about our couples.  Over the years, we have trained ourselves to pick up on these thing very quickly and have a sixth sense in knowing what’s best for our couples.  What we photograph is a portrayal of their love, so we have to learn how they love one another.  All that to say… we really enjoyed getting to know Nancy + Paul.  Many guys typically are not too involved in the planning of their wedding, but not Paul, and I really respect that!  From little things to the big things, it was very noticeable that Paul was not just involved, but he WANTED to be involved and make decisions together.  He listened and cared for what Nancy wanted and is dreaming of.  I remember him saying, “If that’s what she wants, then I want that to happen.”  We had to do some adventurous things during this shoot that was out of the norm to get the shots that we wanted.  It may look like it was very easy in the photos, but there was some hiking we had to do and just enduring the heat was a challenge in itself.  Nancy had to change her shoes a few times from heels, to flats, to bare feet to get to the places we needed to and it was the sweetest thing when Paul was there to make sure she was ok every step of the way.  He changed her shoes for her, carried things for her, double checked that was ok and comfortable.  If you asked me to describe this couple in one word, I would say, “patient”.  They both seemed so low key, down to earth, and simply patient… And needless to say, they are such a beautiful couple that look picture perfect together.  We can’t wait to see the dress that Nancy has chosen for her wedding day!  Nancy + Paul, it was such a pleasure spending this time with you…. we look forward to getting to know you more on your wedding day while we celebrate the best day of your lives!  Once again, thank you for being troopers throughout our adventures during the shoot.  We appreciated that about you both!  See you guys in a few months!