Noren + Arsalaan / South Asian Wedding North Carolina

We got to partake in not just one, but TWO days in Noren + Arsalaan's wedding festivities... It was held in North Carolina, so it was fun to do something out of norm and travel a little.  It was our first time getting to know Charlotte, but it was more exciting getting to know our couple!  It's always such a pleasure meeting those who love them.  Family and friends who come from afar to celebrate their union is very heartwarming to see.  There are many links to how we got to meet Noren + Arsalaan, but the most important link was her sister, Manisha.  We can't possibly write this blog without mentioning the vital role she had in our experience during these two days.  She helped us so much in a variety of ways and we greatly appreciated everything she did for us.  Manisha, we truly thank you!  

So, let's start with the first day... the closer we got to the venue, the more we anticipated in how the reception was going to be decorated and of course to what our bride, Noren, was going to be wearing!  As expected, nothing was disappointing.  We'll let the photos speak for themselves, but Noren was indescribably stunning.  Every detail was literally just perfect and she was just glowing with joy and beauty.  The reception was so elaborate that we didn't know wear to begin shooting!  The groom was so calm and kind as he always is and we know that he was absolutely excited to see his bride and get the party started!  We love all the Indian traditions... the bright, happy colors of everyone's attire, the decor, and yes, all the dancing!  The preparation that it had to take to make these multiple days happen is just incredible.  You can really tell that the families and friends had to come together as a team to execute all the tasks to make Noren + Arsalaan's wedding dreams come alive!  Loved seeing how close the families were especially the siblings.  The siblings of our bride and groom had a huge role in their wedding.  Every time we felt the love between the siblings, we couldn't help but hope that our own kids would be just as close when they grow older and be there for one another like the way these siblings displayed their love for one another.  

The maid of honor and the best man were the best we've ever seen.  They were so helpful and we almost felt like they were additional assistants for us.  They were AMAZING!  The friendships with their bridesmaids and groomsmen were nothing like we've ever seen.  They were there to genuinely support them.  Their family made us feel like family... and by the second day, we felt so comfortable!

Noren is one lucky lady to be able to wear so many dresses and she seriously looked incredible in every single one of them!  She was so photogenic and looked great in every shot.  This couple couldn't take a bad picture even if they tried!  Noren + Arsalaan, thank you for sharing your day with us... we had a wonderful time spending these days with you, learning more about you, your culture, your friends, and your beloved family.  Thank you for loving photography and your willingness to do everything we asked through the heat and even the rain.  We wish you guys an amazing marriage... a marriage that grows deeper daily.  That you will both cherish one another, that you will never take one another granted; rather, appreciate and grow to love each other more inspiring those around you.  It was a sincere pleasure to be part of your celebration.  Thank you and we hope that you love your wedding photos!