Hannah Senior Portraits / Lenox Park and Buckhead Skyline Atlanta

We couldn't believe it when Kelly inquired us about her daughter's senior portraits.  We totally remember her baby Hannah when we used to attend the same church years ago.  We were like, "wait... Hannah?  She's a senior in high school??!"  Wow... it's unbelievable to me how fast time is flying.  It's definitely bitter sweet as parents, and I know that we will be doing our kids senior portraits before we know it too.  We were so happy to book this session and make it happen.  When the day finally arrived, it was so good to see Kelly and her two daughters.  We couldn't believe how much they have grown!  They totally didn't remember us, but we totally remembered them!  :)  It was sweet to see Kelly so proud... she's a hard working mom who always does her best for her kiddos.  Really admire her so much!  

Ok so... let's talk about outfits.  Outfits are a HUGE part of portrait photography.  Sometimes clients think that location is important and it is to a certain degree of course, but outfits are what can determine the location and style and drives the shoot.  That's why we ask our clients to send us a picture of the outfits they have chosen so that we can get a vision and get our creative juices flowing.  When Kelly texted us Hannah's outfits, Craig just knew right away.  We went shopping to Hobby Lobby and purchased a red cloth that would match Hannah's red formal dress and wow, was it perfect or what?!  She looked fabulous in her dress and the color perfectly matched the cloth color.  We were stoked... just after 1 take, I saw Craig's eyes lit up.  I knew that he got exactly what he was looking for and envisioned.  Hannah had such a natural sense of posing and was very easy to photograph.  Her beautiful eyes just pierced through the lens and made us go, "WOW!" on every shot.  She brought her letter jacket, basketball and track outfit.  It was perfect timing for when we were preparing to announce our themed portraits, so we were very excited about these too!  Love that she captured what she loves to do and through these photos will be able to remember and treasure the things that she enjoyed during this season of her life.  She is multi-talented, beautiful inside and out and intelligent.  What a well-rounded student!  Had a blast walking around the city with these three ladies... Kelly, great job on raising a stunning lady and Hannah, congratulations and we wish you an incredible senior year filled with many dreams come true and joy.  May God continue to bless you throughout your future endeavors.  We had the most wonderful time getting to know you!


Craig + Unchong