Ashton + Victor / Chateau Elan Vineyard Wedding

Chateau Elan Wedding Atlanta Georgia Vineyard sunset wedding_0036.jpg

Our previous client referred us to Ashton and Victor and we were so grateful that they did.  Totally remember meeting Ashton at Cafe Intermezzo with my wife and learning about her and the plans that she had for her wedding.  One thing we learned about her was that she is someone who makes decisions well and executes her plans.  She came with just a few questions and after answering them, she simply booked us 13 months before her wedding date.  Now, I don't know about other wedding photographers, but we love and highly respect that!  Even with her engagement session planning, timeline details, it was so straight forward and easy.  She was a bride that clearly knew what she wanted.  It was exciting to finally meet Victor at their e-session last fall!  Man, all of our clients are so super intelligent.... How much they've accomplished and the jobs that they have amaze me.  Victor is a lawyer, and I just can't imagine the discipline and the hard work it took to be where he is today.  But, by meeting him, you would never know because he is such a sweet and humble guy.  When their wedding day came, it was one gorgeous day.  Yes, it was hot, but we always say that that's better than rain and the entire bridal party was so awesome to work with despite the heat.  They were all troopers and we really appreciated that!  Ashton + Victor were so easy going!  Loved how they had a special tea ceremony for their parents to honor them... it was sweet to see the love between the siblings and all the special friendships especially among the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Friends really do make weddings that much more fun and special and when you see friends genuinely caring for the bride and groom is priceless.  The couple's style was very classy and the beautiful Chateau Elan venue was a perfect fit them.  Ashton + Victor, we truly had a wonderful time being part of your most special day.  It was an honor to be there and thank you for being so amazing to work with.  You guys are beautiful inside and out and I think you'll agree that your photographs will show that.  We hope you enjoy them!  


Craig + Unchong