Ashley + Antwan / Callanwolde Fine Arts Center & Downtown Buckhead Engagement

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Downtown Atlanta Engagement Portraits_0040.jpg

Friends... We all want them and need them.  Without them, what is life?  Even with your future spouse, isn't it all about finding your best friend?  We all desire a companion... someone we can go to, someone we can talk to, someone we can cry with and most importantly, someone we can trust.  Well, it's through this very thing we got to meet Ashely + Antwan.  Because of the trust that they had with their friends, Daphnee + Keniel, they inquired us.  Daphnee + Keniel referred this fabulous couple to us and we are so grateful.  As a business owner, we realize more and more that no matter how much social media is part of our lives or how much we are bombarded with ads, nothing is better or works better than the "word of mouth" way.  Because trust is there and trust is priceless.  No ads can give you that, but you trust your friend's words and their experience and that's why to this day, people ask for recommendations and that's how you usually connect with people.  And that's where you get the saying, "It's about who you know..." comes from too!  All that to say, I'm so thankful for the friendship that these two couples have because without it, I wold not be writing this blog about how fun Ashley + Antwan's engagement session was!  They were here from Alabama for Daphnee's wedding, so it was perfect timing to get their portraits done.  Glad that rain stayed away!  The locations were just perfect and was the exact style that they were going for.  Everything worked out so well and we simply had a great time.  At the end, Ashley wanted to have a 'rain shot', and thankfully our assistant that day had an umbrella with her!  (Thank you, Natasha!) We had a bottle of water, so guess what?  We 'made' rain!  Natasha splashed the water around and viola!  We were able to make it happen.  #TeamWork ! Ashley + Antwan, it was so great meeting you guys finally in person!  Thank you for enjoying my jokes.  ;) Hope you enjoyed the shoot and we can't wait to see you again on your wedding day.  We are going to have THE best time!  Until then... take care and enjoy these photos that will always remind you of the beauty of this season... your engagement season.