Sarah + Anthony / USA & The Mountain Top

Sawnee Mountain Cumming Geogia Atlanta Engaement Portraits America_0031.jpg

Stories are powerful... the story of someone makes you understand that person more and deeper.  It allows you to have more compassion and feelings towards that person.  One privilege we get to have in this job is to to hear our couples' stories... how our couples met is one story that I love hearing.  Two people out of billions in the world coming together is such a miraculous thing to me.  Well, when we asked this couple how they met, it was the cutest story ever and I think you'll agree!  Sarah was a bridesmaid and Anthony was a groomsman of the same wedding! I know that people can get hooked up at weddings, but what are the chances of that working out?  We've heard countless stories, and I must say that this one was the cutest "how we met" story ever!  Well now, Sarah + Anthony are planning their own wedding and we can't wait to photograph it to complete their love story.  

We have been getting many couples where the groom is in the military,  and it's our sincere honor to meet such brave and courageous men and the women that support them.  Anthony is in the Navy and we are so grateful for his service to everyone in our beloved country.  Because there are uncertainties with their schedules, we try to be as flexible as we can to make their photo shoots happen.  So happy that we were able to schedule their e-session during this weekend and thank God the weather cooperated too!  We found this beautiful mural of the American flag and thought it was a perfect fit for what this couple stands for!  And wow!  Sarah's dress perfectly matched it!  They wanted a mountain view for their second location, so we chose Sawnee Mountain.  They are super fit, so the hike up there was literally nothing to them.  They didn't even break a sweat!  We really enjoyed our talks with them during the hike up and down the beautiful mountain.  Sarah's contagious laugh made the shoot so joyous all throughout and it constantly put a sweet smile on Anthony's face.  :)  Sarah + Anthony, you guys made our job so easy... thank you for driving all the way out here from VA.  You guys are such troopers in so many ways... We appreciate you and can't wait to see you both again on the day that you'll become husband and wife!  We hope that you love your photos!