Loren + Richard / Christ The King & Twelve Hotel Atlantic Station Wedding

Twelve Hotel Atlanta 12 Atlantic Station Wedding Christ the king_0162.jpg

We met Loren + Richard at the GA Bridal Show and as soon as they approached our booth and viewed our slideshow, I just knew that there was something different about them.  Richard's first question was, "What lenses do you guys use?"  Aha!  Someone who knows and appreciates photography was the first thought in my mind and in that moment, I knew that we were meant to be.  We occasionally have clients ask what camera we use, but we rarely have anyone ask what lenses we use which is a better question to ask.  It was important to him that we were capable of capturing moments in a dark venue because their ceremony was at the Cathedral of Christ the King.  We were very happy to reply that we are very confident under low light conditions and in fact, that's our specialization and where we are highly skilled and enjoy.  Because we have shot there before, we were happy to show him our portfolio at that church as well as other venues.  All that to say, we just knew that this couple was at another level when it came to photography and we were absolutely delighted when they gave us the honor of photographing their wedding day.  

Loren + Richard were so fun to be around during their engagement shoot, and we just couldn't wait for their wedding day... Knowing how fun they were, there was no doubt in our minds that their wedding party was going to be a blast too and sure enough, they were!  The most kind and thoughtful wedding party ever especially Richard's brother - THANK YOU!  For all your help and hospitality... we can't say thank you enough.  You're amazing!  Loved all the close friendships that this group had... Ever since we booked this couple, we have been following them as well.  You see, they love food, and we love people who love food.  :)  Their food adventures are so interesting and through their Instagram feed, we were introduced to some neat things and have tried it ourselves... who needs Food Network when you have clients like these?  ;)  

We just can't describe the joy that overflowed on this wedding day, and we will always remember how much Richard cried as Loren walked down that aisle as his bride... It was such a heart warming moment and once again, it reminded us of why we love our job.  Loren + Richard, thank you for choosing us.  Thank you for trusting us.  Your wedding day was so memorable and we hope that these photographs will always be there by your side to remind you of the love between you guys.  Cheers!