Daphnee + Keniel / Chateau Elan & Ashton Gardens Wedding

Chateau Elan Ashton Gardens Wedding_0085.jpg

I believe that every encounter and every relationship that you have in your life is for a divine reason.  I believe that everything happens for a reason... reasons that's beyond our comprehension sometimes, but I have faith that it's all for my own good and that it's for the Lord to complete His story in me.  Well, we met Daphnee + Keniel when wedding planning wasn't going so well for them.  Their venue, Ashton Gardens, kindly referred them to us and when we talked on the phone, they told us of some of the problems they were having.  We knew that we were a good match already over the phone because we knew we could deliver on the issues they were having.  They already did their research on us (smart clients!) and knew many things about us already.  We booked them and at their engagement shoot, we connected well.  Well is an understatement because it was as if we knew each other for years. We went out to eat after the shoot together and we just couldn't stop talking.  In fact, the restaurant had to give us a hint to leave.  :) LOL During dinner, we shared some personal things that we were dealing with and they even followed up with us after the shoot to see how everything was going.  When they did that, we just knew that this couple was the real deal.  They're the most genuine and the kindest people we've ever met.  

Well, their wedding day finally came and we were so stoked to see them again... This time, we got to meet their loved ones too.  You can tell a lot about a person by meeting their family members and close friends and knowing this couple, we knew that they too were going to be amazing and sure enough, they were.  Daphnee's bridesmaids did something that we have yet seen... usually, the bride is the one giving gifts to each bridesmaids and she did, but her bridesmaids literally presented the bride with different gifts.  One bridesmaids made a speech and as Daphnee opened each gift, it was so heart warming.  It had a gift from her groom too and as she read the letter he wrote to her, she began to cry and then the bridesmaids began to cry and before we knew it, we began to cry too.  :)  We were even warned that Daphnee will make us do this, but I thought I had my emotions under control, but nope.... the tears came and I had to keep wiping my camera as we were shooting.  :)  I love it when couples exchange letters and gifts before the ceremony... there are many things that a bride does to physically get ready for her wedding day, but with exchange of love letters, it prepares one another emotionally as well and reminds them what their wedding day is all about.  

We all drove to Ashton Gardens to prepare for the ceremony and as guests began to arrive, it was getting real!  The moment Keniel was patiently waiting for came.  As he looked out to see his bride walk down the aisle, I have never seen a groom cry so much.  Tears after tears rolled down his face and yes, I cried again... I'm telling you.... it's a good thing that our cameras can handle some water because I had to wipe my face and the camera from my tears again!  It was a beautiful ceremony... There were happy tears, but there was much laughter too. Loved the bond between Keniel and his guys and they all definitely knew how to have a good time!  

When the ceremony ends, you know what that means!  Yummy food and party time!  :)  That's right!  This couple surprised us with many things... there's nothing that they don't know how to do.  Who knew that they knew how to dance like that!  WOW!  Really, we were impressed... And then they surprised us again.  This too is something we have never experienced at a wedding.  They went up during the ceremony to thank their family and friends and then at the end, they thanked all their vendors specifically.  Ok, who does that?!  This couple does... I'm telling you... I've never met people who are so considerate of others, so thankful and grateful.  When they specifically thanked both of us, we were so awed.  We were beyond appreciative of their sweet, heart felt words.  We were so shocked that we didn't know what to do!  And man!  They made us cry AGAIN!  LOL!  It was a moment that we will never forget.... As we drove home that night, we looked at each other and said, "Can you believe they did that?"  We were just speechless... Daphnee + Keniel, just like anything else in life, running a business can take a toll on you and simply is hard.  Sometimes you wonder if what you do even makes a difference or wonder if anyone even cares.  It's an emotional roller coaster, but that night on your wedding day, you reminded us that what we do is worth it and that we are making an impact and that we are blessed people and we will forever be grateful to you for giving us that reminder.  Thank you for hiring us as your photographers.  Thank you for your friendship and thank you for just being you.  Meeting you guys is one of the best things that's happened to us!  May God continue to bless everything you do... you guys have been special to us in many ways. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we have enjoyed taking them. We love you guys!

-Craig + Unchong