Nina + Frank / Venue 92 Woodstock Wedding

Venue 92 Woodstock Wedding Atlanta Portraits_0057.jpg

The "first" of anything is worthy of documentation and is always memorable.  Like when a mom sees her baby doing anything for the first time, it warms her heart and it's forever engraved in her mind.  Well, we had this special "first" moment with Nina + Frank.  The beginning of the year sets the tone for many of us and it of course does for our business.  We anticipate for every January and set new goals to embark a great year.  One of the things that we do is exhibit at a bridal show.  The Georgia Bridal is our fav and we were so happy that we signed up because that's where we met this couple.  I clearly remember seeing Nina first... she watched our slide show and looked through one of our albums and asked a few questions.  She then left to get Frank and came back.  She has a personality of knowing what she wants and she get it!  Very type A and we LOVE that about her!  Before we knew it, they signed the contract right then and there, paid the deposit and made everything official.  WOW!  That was the fastest booking we've ever done.  They were the first couple we booked for 2017 at the show that we first attended for the year.  This couple's action did so much for our motivation and just got us so pumped up for the new year.  Nina + Frank, did you know that you guys did that to us?  Do you know how much encouragement you gave us?  You mean so much to us than you'll ever imagine!  Working with you has been so wonderful.  Communicating with you has been so easy.  Photographing you guys has been so fun especially when every click made me feel like, "wow, wow, wow!"  You guys are truly beautiful... Ask any wedding photographers out there.  Clients like you are their dream!  Not just saying it either... we honestly feel this way and for that, we are so grateful for you guys.  Editing your wedding photographs allowed us to relive your day and we hope that it does the same for you and that you love them!  We hope you had the most amazing time in Asia on your honeymoon.  The most unique honeymoon we've heard of yet... so creative!  We wish you an incredible marriage... a marriage that positively influences others and show the world that the love between you is real and true.  May God continue to bless you and may you continue to look up to Him in all that you do.  

With much love,

Craig + Unchong