Obrist Family / Portraits In The City & a Surprise Lamborghini

Family Portraits Craig Obrist Buckhead performante lamborghini_0065.jpg

Over the years, we have began many traditions, but taking family portraits is by far my fav.  A "side tradition" that comes from that is me crying from looking at them.  :)  I just can't help it... I look at these photos, and my heart is filled with so many emotions.  I mean, I just don't know whether to just sob and cry my eyeballs out or laugh because I'm so happy, so I just do both.  That would be one heck of an Insta story to watch right there... me laughing and crying at the same time while scrolling through our family pictures.  :)

In 2017, we hit many milestones.  One of them was graduating from car seats AND strollers.  WHAT?!  We had at least one for 10 years.... TEN!  We couldn't believe how much easier life became.  I mean, when you don't have to buckle your child into and out of your seat and put a stroller in and out of a car, traveling becomes a piece of cake!  When we went to Disney at the end of last year, we were amazed at how easy it was to maneuver around that place without a stroller. Wow... just wow!  :)  But really, in all seriousness, I'm overwhelmed and overjoyed at how far our family has come..  We daily make mistakes as parents and spouses, we daily have those frustrating moments with our kids and each other, we daily feel drained after putting the kids to bed, but thank God that the joy outweighs the challenges and fulfills your heart in ways that is indescribable.  I look at our beautiful children and can't believe they're mine.  How... just how?  God has given us these three gifts that we certainly do not deserve.  There are moments when I feel like I'm not doing anything right as a mom, but I know that by God's grace they're growing in the Lord.  His merciful hands are upon them and us... we as parents lack so much, but thank God that the Spirit of the Lord is much greater and stronger.  As we said goodbye to our stroller, we took a picture of it with the kids because that one $150 stroller that included the car seat was used by all three of them.  We definitely got our money's worth out of that thing for sure!  I almost started crying again as we were taking that pic, but I held it together.  :)  

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff.  Many of you have wondered the story behind the Lamborghini.  Is it ours?  Uh... no.  Did we rent it for the shoot?  Uh... no.  Did we borrow it for the shoot?  Uh... no.  This is what happened... When we drove up this parking deck, Craig heard a "vroom, vroom".   He knew that it was the sound of a Lamborghini by just hearing it.  When it comes to cars, I know nothing.  Absolutely nothing, so I was like, "Ok... whatever."  After a few shots, we heard it again and it came down to our floor.  As you guys know, when it comes to cars, Craig is very fearless in asking that owner if they would let us use it for a shot.  So, he did!  AGAIN!  He welcomed himself in front of the car and waved the driver down.  The driver rolled down his window and there he was with his about 2 year old son in the passenger seat.  It was so cute!  A father and son drive in the city.  Oh my gosh adorable.... right?!  Well, Craig asked if it would be ok for us to take just one or two snaps with his car as a backdrop for our family portraits.  The guy was SUPER nice and told us that we had a beautiful family and that he doesn't mind at all.  So, he rolls the window back up and parked the car the way we needed it to be and just stayed in the car until we finished.  We finished within 5 minutes.... We thanked him over and over and then he left.  We were so bummed that we didn't get his contact info!

Two days later, we had another session with a client in the same spot.  This time, a car drove by Craig and told him that his friend was there just couple of days ago with his blue Lamborghini and wanted to know where would be a great spot for a sunset photo.  So, knowing that there just aren't that many blue Lamborghini's, Craig told the guy what happened two days ago and how that Lamborghini driver allowed us to use his car for our family pic.  So that guy pulled out his phone to see if they were talking about the same person.  Craig said, "Yeah!  That's him!"  The guy told Craig that the driver was Ryan Hardwick.  Do you guys know who that is??  He's a professional race car driver FOR Lamborghini!  WHAT?!  SERIOUSLY!  WHAT???!!!!  So, we were able to find him on Instagram and started following him and now that we have finally written this blog, we will be tagging him.  :)  Ryan Hardwick, if you by any chance are reading this blog, we thank you... thank you for the kindness you showed us that evening.  You are one humble man.  By the way you acted, we would have never known that you were someone famous!  We learned so much from that one act from you that day.  We love following you on Instagram.  You really seem to have your priorities straight and that is very admirable.  THANK YOU!

So, there you have it guys... that's what happened!  Craig is so proud of that shot with his dream car.  He printed it out right away and it's now his desktop wallpaper and it's just everywhere.  :)  All I can say is that as Craig as my husband, life is quite adventurous. I mean, everyday is just interesting, you know?  The stories we have during shoots alone you guys just wouldn't believe.  I really could write a book!  

Thanks for reading everyone.  It really means so much to us when you tell us that you read our blogs.  Really... so much more than you'll ever know.  We appreciate you so much and if you, our readers, didn't exist, I'm doing all of this in vain.  Love you all so much and until next time, take care!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong