Latoya + Taji / Nothing Stops this Wedding

Home Snow day Wedding 2017_0050.jpg

One thing I’m learning more and more is that I don’t have control over anything in my life… That’s a good thing because the One that does have control knows what’s best for me and that is the most freeing thing to know and to believe and to have faith in.  Although we don’t have control, we do have the will to make a choice in the way we respond to things.  We begin with this because Laytoya + Taji really impressed us…. the day before their wedding day, the forecast was giving us some bad news.  News that no bride would ever even wonder about while planning her wedding day especially in Georgia! Well, as many of you probably experienced, it snowed so much the night before this couple's special day. So much that it broke a record!  Now, if you’re a Georigian like us, snow is something that we don’t really get around here, right?  Even if we do, we get an inch… maybe two.  Not this time… we got several inches and as much as we were happy because our kids were going nuts over the snow, we knew that this was not a good thing for Latoya’s wedding the next day.  As I was about to call her, she called us first and you wouldn’t believe what she told us.  She said that her venue told her that she nor anyone could come because of the weather.  Her venue was in the north Georgia mountains and the conditions were not safe for driving.  So……. we had two options!  We either had to reschedule her wedding day or we have it somewhere else.  After Latoya discussed with Taji and family members, they decided to have it in their home.  Their house location was safe to drive, so everything would be good to go.  Now, this part is what really touched us.  Their family and friends came together to hustle and bustle to make this house into a wedding venue in a matter of hours.  They cleared out the living room completely to make that the ceremony room and the reception room.  Tables with linens and centerpieces, lights, sweet heart table, cake table, dessert table, buffet lines, etc… this family made it happen!  I couldn’t believe the transformation in such a short period of time, but what got me the most was that there was so much harmony in this home.  EVERYONE worked so well as a team to make this couple’s dream wedding come true.  There was a friend who grilled outside in the cold for HOURS to get the food ready, and wow…. the food was amazing!  We immediately felt like family and felt so comfortable mingling with everyone there.  This couple was totally determined to not let ANYTHING get in the way of what was supposed to happened this day.  We loved and adored their attitude and how they so enjoyed every minute and embraced all the good and the bad.  As you can imagine, it was freeeeeezing outside, but this awesome bride and groom and their bridal party fought through the cold to go out into a tall grass field that we found a block away to get some shots outdoors.  Wow… now, that’s one awesome wedding team!  Latoya + Taji, you guys are amazing…. we learned so much from just observing you guys and how you handled everything.  You guys smiled the entire time, and it was so heart warming to see you love one another so much.  Your wedding was a reminder that we needed…. a reminder that love is a priceless thing and that contentment comes from having a grateful heart.  You guys have that and it is something so admirable.  Congratulations to you both and we hope that these photos will remind you how beautiful your love is.  We can’t wait to see you again at your post wedding session on a WARM, spring day.  ;)  

With much love,

Craig + Unchong