Tara + Kevin / Lenox Park and Buckhead Engagement

Lenox park buckhead downtown engagement portraits_0028.jpg

Because I'm such a homebody, people who travel a lot seem so brave and adventurous to me.  Just thinking about going to the airport is overwhelming for me... and honesty, scary.  It's so neat that they can just pack up and go to another country, adapt to what they have to offer and experience a totally different culture.  When I came to America as a child, I had no choice, but to do it out of your own will is just awesome.  Tara is like that!  During the booking process, we learned that Tara is currently living in Norway for a program.  NORWAY!  You know, where Elsa and Anna are from!  ;) When I picture Norway, all I can see are eskimos and igloos.  I'm sure it's not like that, but I just can't imagine how neat it must be.  Kevin is on his way to becoming a doctor, and I'm telling you... this couple is a powerful duo!  With their brains combined, there's more intelligence than I will ever acquire.  And with their hearts combined, wow... they will do mighty things.  When God is in the midst, mountains move and I have faith that these two will do just that!  It was a VERY cold day during their session, but for Tara, it's was more like spring.  :)  They both took it like a champ!  We began the shoot at our fav park, Lenox Park, and then headed to our fav spot in Buckhead.... Every moment was filled with giggles, laughter and seriously, I just love their sense of humor!  Oh, we just can't wait for them to say, "I DO"... Tara + Kevin, we are so grateful that you chose us to be part of your wedding journey.  You guys are beautiful inside and out!  Your day will be here before you know it, and we are looking forward to celebrating with you.  Blessings to you both!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong