Cherise + Joseph / Sweetwater Creek Park & The King and Queen Building

King Queen Sweetwater creek park Engagement Portraits_0005.jpg

When I received our next couple’s inquiry, this is what was going on in my mind… The form that came in our email said, “Bride: Cherise Washington” and I read the rest of the form. Then, I went back to the email and read it again. I said to myself, “Cherise” then said, “Wait. OMG, Cherise Washington?!” AHHHHHHHH!!! She’s getting married? How? How is this happening?! I went straight to Craig to see if he could believe it. Then, it hit me. OMG! I’m so old! LOL! How is it that I’m so old?! Why is life going by so fast… Why?! Ok then I calmed down… I wrote the email back to her, and fast forward to now their engagement shoot blog post. Gosh, I still can’t believe it. You see, Cherise was a teen at the youth ministry where Craig and I met and worked together. She has always been a responsible individual who loves the Lord. She was a great role model to all of her peers and to all those that looked up to her. Her faith has always been unchanging… Knowing her, I know that Joseph is a wonderful man who dearly loves her and will become an amazing husband. And, wow aren’t they such a good looking couple? So beautiful, right?! So photogenic! Their chemistry is… (how do you say it?) Oh yeah, ‘LIT!’ I have been really trying to keep up with all the trending phrases. ;) But in all seriousness… Cherise + Joseph, you guys are stunning. Just FABULOUS! Look at those genuine smiles. I love that their love for one another can’t be contained. I’m writing this blog with a HUGE smile on my face because I can’t help but do that as I keep looking at these photos over rand over. Craig and I are so happy for you guys. So completely happy! Thank you for coming to us and for thinking that we are still cool to hang out with. ;) hehe What a bright journey you have ahead of you… continue to love the Lord with all your heart, strength and mind and continue to be blessed! We can’t wait to celebrate you both on your wedding day…

With much love,

Craig + Unchong