Tawny + Neil / Little River Farms Georgia Wedding

Little River Farms Wedding Portraits_0051.jpg

If anyone asks me for suggestions about weddings, my response is always to keep it timeless and classy.  If anyone needs an example of that from now on, I will definitely show them Tawny + Neil’s wedding blog post.  Wow!  They defined classy!  Well, I didn’t expect anything less because this couple are classy people.  And…. I may be a bit biased because Neil did go to GA Tech as well as many of his guests and family members.  :)  Yeah, I still have quite a bit of pride for being a Yellow Jacket.  :)  So, if you’re a bulldog fan reading this, just skip this part. ;)  

Their wedding reminded me a little of our wedding because it was an early one!  Ours was even earlier… Tawny’s started at 1pm and ours began at 11am.  So, one of the things I clearly remember is having to wake up at the crack of dawn to get ready to walk down the aisle.  We usually begin a wedding day around noon, but we were there by 7am for Tawny.  It felt so different!  It was kind of dark still when we got there and I think our minds had to take a little to time to adjust to it.  But, as soon as we stepped in to see our beautiful bride with her stunning smile on her face, we were set to go!  That’s one of the things I just LOVE about Tawny.  She’s always so happy and fun to be around.  We just knew it was going to be a great day AND her venue is my personal favorite.  Really and honestly… if I ever get married to Craig again, I would totally choose Little River Farms.  I’m so in love with their modern farmhouse look, and if you’ve been following us on our Instastories, we have been trying our best to take one room at a time in our home to transform it into a farmhouse with the little time that’s left after taking care of our three munchkins. This place fit our couple’s style oh so perfectly…!

Another thing that we had in common with our couple’s day was the fact that weather was not wanting to cooperate. On our day, it rained cats and dogs from the beginning to the end, so we had no choice. But, for our couple, rain kept playing hide and seek with us… they planned on an outdoor ceremony, so Tawny had to make a call to go with plan A or plan B.  She decided on the backup plan and so we had the ceremony inside.  Now, how many of you experienced “plan B” and how many of you look back and realize that it was actually the better thing?  I know in that moment, it’s disappointing to not be able to do what you originally planned, but life is just funny like that sometimes.  I personally love the indoor area of Little River Farms more!  I admired our couple for not letting this change of plans affect the joy of their day at all.  They had the most beautiful ceremony and it could not have been better.  As they say, it was meant to be and the way everything happened was beautiful and I know that our couple would not have changed a thing.

Their ceremony was filled with lovely sounds from a live string quartet and a singer whose voice was immaculate!  If you know me, that’s my kind of music and wow… it was AMAZING!!!  Bravo!  Ok, so you know how I mentioned that their wedding began early?  Well, that means you end early and it was totally weird to come home to our kids and have dinner with them. It was weird to see them wide awake!  I actually loved it because we could spend some time with them and put them to bed too.  Craig and I kept saying, “Ok, why is it so bright outside?”  lol It was a great change of pace for us…

Tawny + Neil, from your engagement shoot and now your wedding day, we had the most wonderful time getting to know you and working with you.  What an honor it was to be part of this journey with you guys.  Thank you for EVERYTHING!  You guys are beautiful inside and out (I mean just look at the pics!) and we only wish you THE best marriage!  May you be blessed…

With much love,

Craig + Unchong