Christina + Ben / The Ruins at Kellum Valley Wedding North Georgia

The Ruins at Kellum Valley Georgia Wedding Portraits_0065.jpg

Working with Craig 24/7 as his wife, I get to hear and see things that no social media post could ever cover. I can read him and know what he’s thinking before anyone. Sometimes, even him! And he does the same for me. I think that’s one of the beauties of marriage…. you just really get to know each other. Working with him at home and at weddings is a complete different story too. He’s a completely different man at weddings. His personality of course is still there, but our roles completely flip and there’s this seriousness about him that he doesn’t have at home. Basically, during the week, I’m the boss and at shoots and weddings, he becomes the boss. LOL! Funny, but it’s true. The reason I’m even sharing all this is because when we were at Christina + Ben’s wedding, it was special. I could sense Craig’s peace of mind as a photographer. I can sense when things are flowing very well for him and when creative juices and that “artist satisfaction” is there. Oh trust me… at this wedding, it was totally there. He was completely satisfied and fulfilled. He was enjoying every moment of it. First of all, Christina + Ben were seriously great to work with. Second, they’re both super photogenic. Christina was gorgeous…. I think she is so pretty! The depth of her face, her stunning eyes… just everything about her facial features is perfect! Ben was one dapper groom! He had a custom made suit on and he looked so handsome! The combination of these two made the most ideal wedding portraits and we just couldn’t stop taking photos of them. Even Christina’s candids were incredible! It was as if we asked her to pose certain candids, but no… she’s just always beautiful like that. And see the photo above? After Craig took that photo, he whispered to me, “That’s the best photo I’ve ever taken.” And I already told Christina this when we were texting, but really, I’ve NEVER heard Craig say that! When he’s happy like that at a wedding, it pumps me up more as his assistant and makes me want to help and make things better for him!

I think it’s very neat that there are so many different styles of weddings. As a woman, I still see weddings as a dream…. I still get the jitters when I see our brides in their wedding dresses, I still anticipate what the decor is going to be like and still fall in love with the idea of weddings over and over again every single weekend. When I saw Christina + Ben’s decor at the beautiful Kellum Valley Farm, I just coudln’t believe my eyes. I felt like I stepped into Italy. I was so beyond impressed with the way they put everything together so amazingly! Every detail was perfect… Craig just made a farmhouse table for us, and our Thanksgiving table this year will definitely be inspired by Christina + Ben’s decor. (Christina, I’ll text you when it’s finished!) So, one of their “thing” is to travel the world together. They have already traveled to so many places and they plan on doing it more. Ah…. how nice, right? They inspire me with that and we hope to follow their footsteps. One regret Craig and I have is not traveling much especially before having kids. But, in the last few years, we’ve been making a change with that and we’re having a great time making plans in making traveling a priority in our family. So, if you know me, one of my fav decor pieces are globes! I just love them! So, when I saw globes everywhere at her repletion, I so wanted to take one. LOL! Don’t worry… I didn’t steal. ;) You can ask Craig and our friend Andy who joined us how much I kept expressing my love for their wedding…

Oh! This is random, but something that has never happened at a wedding happened to me. I broke my shoe! Buahahahahaa! Oh my goodness…. it was so funny, but thank God I could still kind of keep it on for the rest of the day. I could NOT believe that happened! Now, I know to not just have a backup camera, but backup shoes. LOL! Christina + Ben, you guys were fabulous! Thank you for being a couple who are truly so genuine and authentic and beautiful inside and out. We appreciate your love for one another and for the world so much. Thank you for your kindness towards us and for treating us like friends! We love you guys and wish you only the best on your marriage journey. We hope that you LOVE your photos as much we have enjoyed taking them for you!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong