Alexandra + Robert / Stone Mountain Park & The Freeway Engagement :)

Stone Mountain Park Georgia Engagement Portraits_0026.jpg

How many of you guys are ‘planners’? I am and not at the same time… As I live this life, I realize more and more that balance is key to all aspects of life. Even if I was one of those extreme planners, the truth is that there’s only so much you can plan. I think we can all agree that things will come up in life that you did not intend or expect. Sometimes, those things are good things and sometimes it’s unfortunately not. I have friends who are extreme on both sides of the spectrum and see how harmful both can be. From that, we have learned that we need to have a vision in all that we do and have plans in making that vision become reality, but with expectation that in the end, all plans are in God’s hands and that plans can and need to change sometimes and that’s good for us. I just know that His plans are greater than mine and that that’s the best for me. We always leave room for spontaneous things to happen in our lives and you know what? Many time, those are the best things!

It definitely was at Alexandra + Robert’s engagement session. The plan was to do their entire shoot at Stone mountain, and we had a great session there. Then on the way home as we were driving, we saw a flower field in the middle of the highway. It was BEAUTIFUL! We could totally see this beautiful couple amongst the beautiful flowers right away! At first, we were hesitant, but hey…. as we say many times around here, “YOLO!” (Just in case you don’t know… that stands for “You Only Live Once!”). We called the couple and our assistant up and said, “STOP YOUR CAR!” Well, not exactly like that, but you get the point. ;) I LOVED the fact that our bride and groom were so willing to do a spontaneous thing with us! These are the things that is so fulfilling to me as an artist. We had so much fun and wow, these became my fav images of the night! So, next time you plan anything… remember, leave room for spontaneity and yes, #YOLO! Alexandra + Robert, thank you guys for a fun evening… What a pleasure it was meeting you…. we can’t wait to see you guys very soon for your unforgettable wedding day! This time, I won’t stop you after the wedding even if I see something on the road on the way home so that you guys can go on to your honeymoon. ;) hehe See you in a few weeks! We can’t wait to celebrate you!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong