Jenny + Maarten / Home Sweet Home Atlanta Skyline Engagement

Atlanta Skyline ferris Wheel Home Little five points portraits_0004.jpg

So, I remember at the very beginning of our business, someone told us that when you become photographers’ photographer, you know you made it. If that’s true, we are super duper happy and grateful! You see, Jenny is a spectacular photographer herself and quite an artist. Every time we are hired by a colleague, it’s really an honor and means that much more. Working with her has been such a breeze… Our first scheduled shoot got postponed because the weather wasn’t looking great and without even any explanation, she just knew and completely agreed with us. We rescheduled and we all agreed that it was for the better because guys, the weather was fantastic! As you all know, it’s been one crazy hot summer (and still is), but not on the night of Jenny + Maarten’s engagement shoot. It was perfect! What made it great was that there was barely any humidity. And, talk about perfect timing because literally right after we took the last shot was when it started pouring. Whoa!

Ok so, can we talk about kitchens for a moment? I know… kitchens and photography… what do those two things have anything to do with each other? Um… EVERYTHING! My body has been itching all over to get our kitchen renovated, but as you know it costs a fortune, so Craig has been doing little things one at a time anytime around the house whenever we get a little breather which is very rare. He is a very handy man himself, but with the demands of our business especially during peak wedding seasons, it’s almost impossible to pay much attention to our home, but we are trying our best! Well, when we stepped into their home, my jaw just dropped and wouldn’t close back up. I was totally #jealous The first thing my eyes caught was their kitchen, and I thought I stepped into a magazine. But, I wouldn’t expect anything less from this creative lady who simply has an eye for things like this… I would have totally slept in her kitchen for that evening if she allowed me to. But, I definitely didn’t want to be a creeper, so didn’t bother asking. ;) After seeing a kitchen like that, how could we not do a lifestyle session, right? And by the way, it’s not just their kitchen that was fabulous… their entire house was. The neatest home I’ve ever seen! So, we took a little time going into a couple of rooms with great light and made this shoot an intimate and sentimental one for them. Oh, and you see the shots where it looks like a park? Yeah… that’s not a park; it’s their backyard! I know ya’ll… I’m totally moving in. LOL! We then headed over to a parking deck nearby for some amazing golden hour portraits as well as some fun night time shots with this stunning couple. It was so cool to learn that Maarten is from Holland. It was my first time in Europe in April, so especially since then, I love meeting anyone from Europe and hearing their accent! It is so neat how two people from different sides of the world somehow meet, fall in love and build a beautiful home like this together. I love it… I’m in love with love stories! Jenny + Maarten, THANK YOU for a fantastic evening… you guys were so welcoming and loving, and we can’t wait to see you in a few days at your wedding. We are so ready to celebrate you!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong