Leah + Kevin / Ivy Hall Roswell Mill Wedding

Homewood Suites Ivy Hall Roswell Mill Wedding Portraits_0054.jpg

Gosh… some people are just adorable. Some people just have the gift of making you feel “at home” the moment you encounter them. It’s truly a gift, and Leah + Kevin have it! I just love people that make you feel comfortable… being a wedding photographer, I feel that photography in itself is actually a very small part of the business. Most of it is the experience that you give your clients. You have to know how to “break the ice” not just with your clients, but with their family, wedding party and even the guests! You have to have these folks trust you in an instant and make them look fabulous within minutes of meeting them. You have to know how to sense what they’re confident about and what they’re self conscious about, you have to know their ‘good side’, ‘bad side’ and draw out the beauty within them all the while enduring the stress of a wedding day. Now, I write all that to say that during Leah + Kevin’s wedding day, they did most of all that for us. Really, it was so easy to work with them. First, Leah is the MOST joyful bride I’ve ever met. She has the brightest smile and was happy the ENTIRE day! I just admire that about her so much… She just seems like someone who is so grateful…. thankful… and simply excited to be alive and well! I can just imagine Leah + Kevin’s home filled with constant laughter and fun. Ok, so let’s talk about our groom, Kevin for a minute. So, it never fails… the grooms that I do expect emotions from are the ones that don’t and vice versa. I didn’t think that Kevin could cry, but let me tell you… he did. He REALLY cried! They chose to do a first look (smart couple wink wink), as soon as he turned around to see Leah, tears came rolling down HARD! And one rule of a wedding day is this: When the groom cries, we all cry. Yes, including the photographers. :) When this happens, we of course have to keep shooting while quickly wiping the tears on the camera off. LOL Don’t even let me get started about Leah’s first look with her dad. Oh my goodness gracious…. the emotions during that moment was priceless. Wow, I know that Leah will remember that for the rest of her life. How blessed is she to have such a loving father. Speaking of parents… ok, so I can say this because I’m Korean myself. One thing that really stood out to me from this wedding was the parents on both sides. I’ve never seen Korean parents dance so much at a wedding reception before! Like EVER! I thought that was the coolest thing! WOW! I just completely LOVED that! It wasn’t just for one dance or anything. They danced the entire reception! I kept telling Craig that this is not normal in our culture. That just showed me the wonderful relationship between the couple and their parents… I told Craig that I hope I’m cool enough to dance and celebrate like the way they did at our kids’ weddings. That is definitely my #parentgoal right there! Oh, Leah + Kevin! You guys have been so wonderful… I can go on and on, but let me be quiet so that you can view your stunning photos. I think you can agree that I don’t need to explain how beautiful you guys are. Once again, congratulations on your marriage and may the Lord continue to bless you in all that you do in this life together. We enjoyed working with you every step of the way.

With much love,

Craig + Unchong