Audrienne + Corderell / Stratton Hall & Walnut Street Bridge Chattanooga Wedding

Stratton Hall Chattanooga Walnut Street Bridge Wedding Portraits_0075.jpg

We’ve been waiting for Audy + Corderell’s wedding to happen for awhile now! We couldn’t wait to be able to shoot at the Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga. We went a couple of times during the summer and knew exactly where we wanted to do their portraits. Craig has been waiting and waiting and we are so happy to finally be sharing with you guys the final outcome! One thing we didn’t expect was how chilly it was, but hey, I’ll take that over sweating anytime! :) We all had to fight through the cold, but we did it! I was so impressed by Audy because even with her strapless wedding dress, she shivered but didn’t complain once. I love that about her! She knew that it was going to be worth it, and was she right or what!

If you’ve ever been to this bridge, people are everywhere walking across it. Everyone just couldn’t stop looking at our beautiful couple. I think seeing a bride randomly for someone really makes them happy. They all go, “awe…” There’s just something about a bride and weddings that just warms someone’s heart and makes life worth living. I love how some of spectators shout out, “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE YOUR DRESS!” at the top of their lungs as they pass by. It really makes our couple’s day!

Audy + Corderell were both very laid back throughout the entire day. My kind of people! Audy is super sweet and was so easy to work with. She chose a venue where they added on a huge space for the bridal party to get ready in, and it was beautiful! From the outside, you would never expect anything like it, but it was a very beautifully decorated area where bridal parties could even spend the night. How smart of the venue! Getting ready, ceremony and reception were all at the same place (And, all wedding vendors said, “thank you, LAWD!”), and it was all very awesome! They chose all different kinds of food for the buffet, so it was so fun getting to try all the dishes that our couple chose. At the end of the night, our couple had a surprise for their guests… FIREWORKS! Say whaaaaaat?! The guests of course loved it, so make sure to scroll all the way down to the end!

Audy + Corderell, you guys were fantastic! Thank you for having us… We absolutely loved creating these images for you! Hope you LOVE them!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong