Cristabel + Curtis / Del Avant LaGrange Georgia Wedding

Del Avant LaGrange Georgia Wedding Portraits_0057.jpg

From the beginning, we knew that Cristabel + Curtis’s wedding was going to be special. Craig has met this couple before, but for me, even though I’ve never met them, I felt that we already had a connection. We shot Curtis’s sister’s wedding as well, so there’s that! Cristabel follows us on Instagram, and every time I post something, she would either like it or comment on it. So, I felt like I knew her and in a way, kept in touch with her. (Cristablel, thank you for your follow. It’s so encouraging and we appreciate you!) We have many mutual friends as well, but there’s something more to this couple than all those things. Something a little more divine and spiritual in ways that I can’t describe. I believe that every encounter that God gives us personally and through our business is no accident. I know we are meant to meet for a reason. I know that every couple we get to experience is something that God orchestrates. I’m so thankful to have met this couple. Because I still don’t get to shoot all of our weddings with Craig, I made sure that our schedule allowed for me to go to this one. Well, just as expected, it was quite special. First, I felt more at home and comfortable because of all the familiar faces so it made it that much more fun. When Cristabel arrived at the venue to finish up her makeup, I was so happy to finally meet her in real life! She was the sweetest and a complete doll. Every time I saw her face, I really felt as if I was looking at a porcelain doll. Isn’t she gorgeous? And her dress… ah… I just have something for long sleeve lace dresses. (It may or may not have anything to do with the fact that I’m a Kate Middleton fan and you know… she wore a lace dress to her royal wedding. hehe) And then Curtis came… So, most grooms wear a “tux”, but Curtis wore THE tux. It was groom fashion perfection, ya’ll! The colors, the pattern, the bowtie and the fit was as they say, “right on!” As we prepared for first look, we were excited for the groom to see his bride, but with this couple, I was just as excited for Cristabel to see her man! Absolutely LOVED Curtis’s reaction and the bridal party looking on through the glass window was the cutest ever. The weather was PERFECT and so was the portraits time.

I love shooting ceremonies because the emotions are unpredictable, so it makes it exciting. Although Craig of course shoots everything, his priority is always the bride and as the second shooter, I’m responsible to get the groom’s and the families’ reactions especially as the bride walks in. Well, when she walked down the aisle, everyone cried and the one that I will remember the most is her dear sister. ::::::( She made me cry so much! Then, my fav time came which is the vow time. While reciting his vow, Curtis got choked up and my oh my…. now he made me cry! Well, everyone did! Guys, please remind me to have tissues in my pocket because I have to keep wiping the camera from tears. Ah…. it was a beautiful ceremony. As a married couple doing this job, I feel like going to weddings almost every weekend is like a free marriage counseling session for Craig and I. LOL These weddings especially during the ceremony reminds us of what marriage is all about! So yeah, it’s good for us in so many ways. :)

And, this was one of the biggest weddings we’ve shot. There were MANY people! Loved that this venue could accommodate such a big guest list. Cristabel is Indian and Curtis is Nigerian (Go mixed couples! Woot woot!), so as you can imagine, their food was A-MAZING! There was such a variety… it was so cool to taste all the different flavors. And wow, their guests could really party. The music and dancing didn’t stop all night long! What a celebration it was… Cristabel + Curtis, thank you for being who you are! I can’t believe that we get to do another shoot with you! Can’t wait for your post wedding session… you guys are so photogenic and are picture perfect, but your hearts are even more beautiful and that’s what I admire the most about you. Your love is very beautiful to me…. thank you for making this world a better place through loving one another, God, your family and all those around you. We hope that these photos that we had the honor of taking will remind you of the most special day of your lives.

With much love,

Craig + Unchong