Jenny + Maarten / The Georgian Terrace & Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Wedding

Callonwalde Fine Arts Center Wedding Portraits_0033.jpg

Ok… so, let me begin this blog post with a little disclaimer. Everything we write on our blog is true. Now, honestly, I may not share negative experiences bluntly, but all the positive experiences really happened and are honest and true. With that being said, I’m going to be totally honest about something. That something is Jenny + Maarten’s wedding day. I kid you not, their wedding was THE best wedding I’ve EVER attended and experienced as a wedding photographer. Hands down! It was a wedding dream. I wish I could have gotten someone to film this entire wedding. If there’s any regret, it’s that. Most of us ladies have grown up dreaming about a perfect wedding day and planning half of our wedding before we even meet our man. Well, that was me anyways… That perfect dream wedding consists of many things, but the main things are:

1. A blow your mind away wedding dress (Yes, this is #1).

2. The most gorgeous bride who is laid back, peaceful and full of joy to be alive and happy to be married.

3. Perfect weather (70 degrees, sunny and no rain in sight).

4. Handsome groom that is looking fab in his tux who can't wait to see his fiancé as a bride.

5. The most helpful and good looking wedding party.

6. The cutest and most adorable flower girls and ring bearers.

7. Happy and friendly guests who are full from the awesome food and dance the night away.

8. Happy wedding vendors who all think it was the best wedding.

9. The touch of the Dutch culture and the coolest accent in the mix.

Need I list more? You can add on more things that you have dreamt about for a wedding day… Yeah, Jenny + Maarten’s wedding consisted of all of the above and much, much more. It was mind boggling to me that this couple paid us to give them a good experience, but um… they gave US the best experience. And on top of these dreamy conditions, they were so photogenic… Creative juices and perfect lighting just kept coming and coming and wow… Craig felt like he could just shoot all day. As his wife and business partner, I can sense when he is ‘flowing’. Every time the shutter hit, I knew he was one happy photographer. Gosh, they’re so photogenic! Jenny was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I just LOVED her dress, her hair, her makeup, her FLOWERS, WOW… Everything she chose was so elegant and classy. So, if you remember from their engagement session blog, Jenny is a professional photographer herself, so we have to be honest in that there was more pressure about this wedding than usual…. But wow, when she saw the sneak peeks, she was beyond happy and satisfied. Outside, I was smiling, but inside, I immediately wiped my forehead and said, “WHEW!” LOL And on top of allllllll this… this couple was so sweet! How can they be this sweet, you know? They’re the kindest folks we’ve ever met… my gosh, even their wedding party! THE best. Really, I clapped and gave this wedding a standing ovation by myself because it deserves that! On the way home, Craig and I “debrief” about our day and we talk each other’s ears off. Sometimes we vent, sometimes we just laugh our heads off at some things that happened, etc…. The first thing I said to him when I shut the car door was, “Ok, so… was that for real?” He was like, “What do you mean?” I said, “Really, did today really happen? Because that was unreal… I don’t feel like I even worked. (Well, my feet as well as many muscles of course proved me wrong, but you know what I mean. hehe)”

I’m still clapping…. Bravo! Bravo indeed! Jenny, I think you should write a blog post to any brides who are planning their wedding to give them all of your tips because you were THE most ideal bride and the most ideal wedding. Jenny + Maarten, thank you for being beautiful people inside and out. You guys are simply AWESOME! We wish you an amazing marriage… a marriage that is full of joy like the way your wedding day was. Yes, life will bring things and difficulties will come, but overcoming those things together and celebrating the good and the bad is what makes marriage a powerful thing. We love you guys so much!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong