Olivia + Erik // Christ The King & Summerour Studio Wedding Atlanta

Summerour Studio Christ The King Wedding Atlanta Portraits_0087.jpg

Gosh… seriously ya’ll… We have the most gorgeous brides. It’s as if we have a modeling audition before we book our couples or something. Some people even ask if our clients are models! No, but when you scroll through these images, I know you will think that Olivia + Erik are.

So, when we walked into the room where Olivia and her bridesmaids were getting ready, we quickly learned that no one other than her mom has seen her dress. She has kept it a secret for all these months! Wow! That’s impressive because as a woman myself, I don’t think I could have been able to do that. I mean, getting the dress of your dreams is usually the first thing any bride shops for after getting proposed. Well, that’s what I did anyways. :) After getting her hair and make up done (which she did most of herself), Olivia and her squad headed to the church for her ceremony. Keep in mind… we still have not seen the dress. When we got there, she put it on, and had a special reveal time for her bridesmaids who are all dear friends to her. We got everyone set up and WOW! EVERYONE cried… there were countless joyful tears all across the room and every expression was simply priceless. What a blessing it is to have friends that truly celebrate you that way. They were all genuinely so happy for her and that was a beautiful thing to witness.

But, there’s no better reveal than the one for the groom. We all know this moment and “first look”, and just as expected, it was so special. Erik tried, but he couldn't hold it in either. How could he? He waited his entire life to see this stunning bride standing in front of him, and yes… it was overwhelming. They shared this moment in front of their wedding party and the bridesmaids cried all over again. :) The guys cheered them on, and I must say that this was my fav moment of their entire wedding day.

We then had their ceremony in the most beautiful chapel. Although Craig has been to Summerour Studio before, it was my first time. Craig has always told me that Summerour is one of his fav venues…. I have of course seen the photos, but experiencing it in real life was very different and I could totally see why my hubs loved it so much. It’s GORGEOUS! I just don’t know how else to describe it. It’s so picturesque everywhere… we have many photographer friends and now I see why they all love this venue.

After we finished all the portraits, only partying was left and was it a good party or what? The food was FANTASTIC, their live band was one of the best I’ve seen/heard, and the guests knew how to make a dance floor happen. We showed our couple a few sneak peeks and when they went nuts, we were on photographer’s cloud 9. :) Olivia + Erik, you guys have been beyond wonderful to work with. We hope that you’ll cherish these photos forever! You guys looks gorg in every single one of them, and I think you’ll agree. We wish you the most joyous marriage! May you be blessed by the One above and may you look to Him in all that you do.

With much love,

Craig + Unchong