Leah + Christian / Downtown Duluth & Atlanta Skyline Engagement Portraits

Downtown Duluth Atlanta Skyline Engagement Portraits_0024.jpg

Many people ask us how we get our clients… they ask how much we invest in social media ads and any other marketing tools. Yes, we are active on social media, yes, we sometimes run ads, and yes, sometimes we make the right connections. Marketing is crucial in any business; however, we have found that no advertisement beats a satisfied customer. Because when a customer is satisfied, they will advertise for you, and no matter how much social media will take over our world, there’s no ad that can beat the power of the “word of mouth”. Half of the posts you see on social media are probably people asking for referrals for various things. Referral for a plumber, a tutor, a specific product, and yes, a photographer. When people receive referrals from their loved one or a friend, there’s a direct impact because TRUST is there. And, trust is priceless… it’s something an ad can’t give you.

Well, we met Christian + Leah through a referral. It’s very important to us to know how our clients found out about us. And, with this couple, it was through our best friend’s brother. Wow! We were so shocked! And, we were so grateful…. When it’s someone that refers us, our first reaction is always this - “awe………………….”. We’ve cried over receiving referrals. I just can’t express to you guys how much it means and how grateful we are and for that Julian, THANK YOU! As any business owner could relate, you work so hard day after day, trying different ideas, trying to generate revenue month after month after month. There are days you feel like you can conquer it all and then there are days you feel like a complete failure. It’s a total emotional roller coaster, but you know what? There’s nothing else on earth I’d rather do. There’s no other job in the world I can imagine doing, and the fact that I get to do it with my husband 24/7 is something I cherish. We embrace all the joys and all the challenges, and more than anything, we love our clients. THEY are what’s important to us and matters most. We work hard for them and the happiest day of their lives, their wedding day. When we meet couples like Christian + Leah, we are totally overjoyed for many reasons especially the ones below.

1. They’re beautiful… I mean, just look at them. They look amazing together and even if they tried, they couldn't take a bad photo. Aren’t they photogenic? Everyone has a ‘good side’, but not this couple. Every side is their good side!

2. They’re beautiful people… and yes, there’s a difference between #1 and #2. They were so sweet, genuine and fun to be around. I had the best time getting to know them. They fought through the cold with such grace and class. Craig and I are not very classy people… I mean, we are just a couple of country bumpkins just living through this life loving Jesus and photography. :) Craig not so gracefully climbed a tree to get a shot of our couple lying on the pile of leaves and it was quite entertaining. As his wife, I was very worried about either the tree or Craig breaking, but all went well. Thank God! He received a standing ovation from our couple, and I couldn’t help but laugh from relief.

3. They’re SMART! Why are all of our couples so intelligent? They really make me feel you know, ‘not so smart’. Their accomplishments and what they do for a living fascinates me! The drive they have and their level of intelligence is very truly impressive.

For these reasons and many more, we had such a fun time with these two love birds. They were so funny and loved seeing them adore one another awaiting their wedding day. Oh, what love does to us! They may not see it, but I could totally see the ‘love glow’ on their faces. Love does make this world better…. that’s the only thing that can. Christian + Leah, thank you for making love greater here on earth. We really can’t wait for the day you call each other husband and wife! How amazing it will be! We look forward to capturing all the special moments of that day. It’s going to be magical!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong