Meredith + Patrick / Cator Woolford Gardens & Piedmont Park Engagement

Cator Woolford Gardens Piedmont Park Engagement Portraits_0026.jpg

They say, “the third time’s the charm.” But, how many of you know that that’s not true? It’s actually, the fourth time. ;) I applaud Meredith + Patrick’s patience because we had to reschedule their engagement session FOUR times! I know…. crazy, right? And yes, they broke the record for the most rescheduled shoots. Why did we have to reschedule so many times? Because rain, rain wouldn’t go away and it just wouldn’t come another day. We’ve had a lot of rain this season as if we were in a Monsoon, and we just couldn’t believe it! Although the weather is out of everyone’s control, I felt awful. Meredith was such a trooper for sticking through all of this. The day finally came and there was no rain in sight. But, it was freeeeeezing! You know what though? We’ll take cold weather over rain any day! But, this is not what I’ll remember this couple by. I will however, remember them by their biggest and most genuine smiles, giggles and laughter. I am not exaggerating… I’ve never met a couple who were this happy. Our engagement sessions are 2-3 hours and I kid you not, they laughed the ENTIRE time. We never had to tell them, “now smile” because they already were. There was so awkwardness in front of the camera... they were so comfortable with themselves and in their own skin. THAT right there is key in being photogenic and wow… did their photos come out fantastic or what?! Oh, and I have to mention something funny… hehe (Patrick, you thought I wasn’t going to share this, right? I mean, how can I not? Please forgive me…) I saved the best story for last. :) So, when we met them at Cator Woolford, we all greeted each other and started getting ready for the first scene. Then, Patrick told all of us that he forgot his shoes. DOH! This isn’t the first time someone forgot a part of their wardrobe. This has happened many times even on a wedding day, and although we try to come to the rescue for many things, there are certain things we just can’t help. But this time, Craig had an immediate solution. Thank goodness! We were meeting another couple for a consultation right after this shoot, so Craig had another pair of ‘nicer’ shoes in our trunk. This is NEVER the case, so we were so relieved that it worked out and that Craig’s shoes fit Patrick! Yay! The shoes went well with both of Patrick’s outfits, so everyone was happy. Whew! The show went on and it was fabulous! The light was amazing this day and every shot was, “wow, wow, wow!” We ended the shoot at Piedmont Park and Craig showed off by climbing a tree like a monkey (you may have seen this video on our Insta-stories!), and getting an epic shot of these two love birds laying on a pile of beautiful yellow leaves that I still don’t know the name of. :) Don’t worry… no one got hurt, no equipment got hurt and the shot was so worth it! ;) Meredith + Patrick, you guys were such a joy to be around. If I could have just a fraction of your happiness, I’d be set for life! What a pleasure it was meeting you, and we can’t wait to celebrate you on your upcoming wedding day. What an occasion it will be! And Patrick, please make a note to bring your wedding shoes. Actually, I’ll make a note to bring Criag’s dress shoes. hehe jk!… had to say it. Just teasin’ ya! ;) See you guys in the Spring!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong