Alexandra + Robert / Four Seasons Atlanta Wedding

Four Seasons Atlanta Wedding Skyline Portraits 65.jpg

I will remember Alexandra + Robert’s wedding as the most elegant wedding we’ve ever shot. Everything that Alexandra picked out for her wedding was simply elegant in every way. From her hair style, to her jewelry, her stunning dress, makeup, EVERYTHING! She defined “classic bridal beauty”, and she was remarkably exquisite. When I met her mom, it explained where her beauty came from! Her sister was the only one in her bridal party and was she just as pretty or what! Her black dress was to die for! Meeting these three gorgeous ladies made me feel like I was star struck from timeless actresses. Loved the bond between the sisters, and of course I couldn’t help but see a hint of our kids’ future wedding day. I truly hope that our girls will be just as close and will be there for one another. When Alexandra walked down the aisle, I saw tears falling down her sister’s cheeks… I can’t imagine all the memories that ran through her mind during this moment. This moment was when Robert first saw his bride as well. He was overwhelmed… let’s not forget to mention that he looked totally dapper and these two were falling in love over and over again. As our bride drew closer to her groom, Robert’s smile got brighter and brighter and his breaths kept getting deeper and deeper. As he took his bride, he knew that he made the best and the greatest choice of his life and that his life was now complete. Their ceremony was very honoring to the Lord, to each other and to everyone that gathered to celebrate them.

The reception as expected was gorgeous, and if you know Four Seasons, they will not disappoint in any way! Everything was dazzling… from the decor to the food, the cake and all! Loved seeing everyone dance away and the speeches were just awesome too! Gosh, I get choked up during speeches so much! We ended the evening by getting access to the top floor of Four Seasons to get a shot of the breathtaking view of the city with our couple. This view is seriously AMAZING! So happy that we were able to make this happen. Alexandra + Robert, thank you guys for being so beautiful inside and out. It was such a pleasure working with you…. we are so grateful that you allowed us to be part of your amazing day. From the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate you and may each day of your marriage be better and better as you keep Christ as the center in all that you do. May you continue to be blessed!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong