Olivia + Erik / Montaluce Winery Engagement Portraits

Montaluce Winery North Georgia Vineyard Engagement Portraits_0032.jpg

As I'm writing this, I'm in a state of shock that it's already March.  Aren't you?  I know everyone says it all the time, but one thing that I can't keep thinking about lately is how fast life is flying by.   Our youngest turned 5, and I'm in denial of that... How can that be?    There's never been such an urgency in my heart to really not waste time, but ironically, I've been realizing that 'slowing down' is what makes us appreciate time more and spend it with quality especially with those whom we adore.  That's why I fall in love with what we do more and more because we are in the business of being able to stop time and documenting that moment.  Precious moments that you will never be able to relive.  I love that our clients are able to slow down and plan these special times of their lives and really treasure it, celebrate it and cherish it.  Seeing these photos now are of course special, but I can't imagine what it will be like for them to see it in 5, 10, or 20 years from now.... Every time they see these, they will remember that this was when they were engaged... this was a season of their lives where they promised to one another that they will be married.  Promises are powerful and that's the only thing that makes an engaged couple engaged!  When you're married, there's a legal document, there's a wedding, there are many witnesses, but during this season, there are only words of promise and love for one another that defines an engagement, and I think that's very special!  

After considering a few different places, Olivia chose Montaluce Winery as their location, and what a great choice it was!  It fit Olivia + Erik's personality and look perfectly... And the weather?  Let me just say that it kept changing on us, and I was getting nervous, but we kept our fingers crossed and the rain held off.  WHEW!  It felt like a beautiful Spring day actually and it just couldn't have been better.  Although Craig has shot here many times, it was my first time at this venue, and Craig wasn't lying when he said it's a huge property AND beautiful!  There were so much to see and many places to shoot.... We are always at our session at least 30 minutes early to set up, prep, and walk around the location to see where the best light would be and where our couple would look best.  After all, lighting is everything in a photo!  The sun was good to us and glowed exactly the way we needed it to, and I'm telling you... no matter where we put this good looking couple, they were simply good looking.  They were just so photogenic as the photos will prove, and they posed like pros.  Olivia + Erik, you guys are such a sweet couple!  You are both naturally beautiful, and we had a great time spending these few hours with you.  We look forward to seeing you again in the fall!  

With much love,

Craig + Unchong