Diana + Marcus / Roswell Mill Waterfall Engagement Portraits

Roswell Mill Waterfall Engagement Portraits Downtown_0007.jpg

I love it when couples choose their engagement portraits location because it means something to them.  Diana asked for a waterfall, but I just thought that that's simply what she wanted.  But on the day of the shoot, as we were walking through the VERY muddy path to get to this waterfall, we learned that Diana LOVES waterfalls.  So much that they have gone to like every single waterfall that exists in Georgia.  It's something that this couple does together, and I thought it was the sweetest thing.  Waterfalls are a pretty significant thing for Craig and I too because that's where Craig proposed to me.  I always call this Roswell waterfall a "mini-Niagara" falls, so I loved it that it was something special to all of us.  So back to the muddy trail... why was it muddy?  Because of the all the snow that melted.  See, we rescheduled Diana + Marcus's shoot because it was so freezing, so we were happy that the temps cooperated for the new date.  BUT!  We didn't think about how muddy it would get... wow!  But, these two were such troopers.  I wish I had more BTS footage for you on our Insta stories, but I had to concentrate on not falling.  :)  I appreciated this couple's patience so much and they smiled and laughed the entire time.  Diana was the sweetest, and Marcus was HILARIOUS!  Seriously, between Craig's humor and Marcus's, you can imagine that all I did was just laugh the entire time.  I so think that Marcus should go into acting because his expressions were on point!  Diana + Marcus, you guys were great.... just so great!  What a pleasure it was to meet you finally in person.  Hope you guys were able to go back to Roswell for some good food, and we look forward to seeing you guys on your wedding day.  Thank you for giving us such a great start to this year!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong