Eunice + Clement / Swan House & Atlanta History Center Engagement Portraits

Swan House Atlanta History Center Engagement Portraits_0016.jpg

It’s interesting how laughter is contagious... have you ever felt frustrated or just wasn’t in a good mood, but you hear someone laugh over and over and you can’t help but laugh or at least smile?  It makes you realize that whatever you’re going through isn’t as bad as it seems. I’m blessed to have a husband who brings so much laughter into my life and our home. His laughter and joy is what attracted me to him the most!  Even during arguments, he has made me laugh with his witty self. :) When we met Eunice and Clement for the first time, laughing is what we did first. You just can’t help it... Eunice seriously is the brightest and the happiest bride we’ve ever, ever, ever met... she smiled and laughed so much from the moment we met her to when they even drove off. Clement is the sweetest guy and this man is so in love with Eunice who constantly makes him smile and laugh and make him fall in love with her more each time.  The way we usually book a couple is by receiving an inquiry through a referral, a bridal show or via social media. We then set up a time to meet with them for a consultation over coffee. Well, with Eunice and Clement, their planner contacted us, and we discussed everything with her via email and booked them. We never spoke to them or even met them!  So, the first time we ever met was when they walked out of their car at their engagement shoot. Can you believe that as soon as they stepped out of their car, we were acting like best friends?  Bam!  I instantly felt so comfortable... we all connected so well right away. Not only that, they were so photogenic!  Wow!  I think we can all agree that this couple is stunning... their wonderful personalities mixed with their good looks were totally a photographer’s dream.  They were super easy to pose and more than anything, we just enjoyed ourselves!  It was simply fun to be with these two and even Eunice's friend who joined along to help out.  Love friends like that!  Eunice + Clement, you guys were truly amazing.  Really, can we be friends with you like for real?  At least Apple watch buddies since you love to close rings as much as I do?  :)  No pressure... hehe In all seriousness, we had the most perfect time with you guys, and we can't wait to laugh again with you on your wedding day.  I have no doubt that it's going to be magical and a true celebration.  Thank you for trusting us even when you didn't meet us!  Take care and keep the laughter going!


Craig + Unchong