Kelsey + Ryan / 550 Trackside Wedding

550 Trackside Wedding Atlanta Falcons Portraits_0075.jpg

Wanna hear a funny story?  So, when we meet with a couple for a full consultation, we book 95% of them, and we intend to keep that stat going.  But, after we met with Kelsey + Ryan, we have to be honest with you.... we totally thought that they were not going to go with us.  Craig came home just completely beat.  I said, "What happened to you?"  He replied, "I made a fool out of myself.  Trust me, they're not going to book us, so don't count on it."  I was like, "What?  Why?  Just tell me what happened!"  We met Kelsey at a bridal show, but Ryan wasn't there, and she didn't share much about their profession or anything like that.  So keep that in mind as we share with you this little paraphrased dialogue that happened:

As Ryan walked into the cafe:

Craig (surprised by Ryan's size):  "Nice to meet you, Ryan!  Wow, you must have played football in high school or something!"

Ryan:  "Yeah, I play a little."

Craig:  "So, tell me about your love story.  How did you propose to Kelsey?"

Ryan:  "Oh, on the football field."

Craig:  "Oh, ok... (he's thinking, 'what football field?')"

(Please note that Kelsey does not say anything.)  Kelsey now is showing Craig a few pics from the proposal.  Craig notices in the photo that it's the Atlanta Falcons stadium and that Ryan's huge picture in his jersey is the background of the photo where he is on his knees popping the question.  A light bulb went off in Craig's head, and it all just made sense.  He realized that Ryan is an NFL player for the Falcons!  He had no idea.  None whatsoever.  How can we not know, you ask?  So.... we don't like admitting this, but we don't watch football or any sports for that matter.  Well, I take that back.  We watch the Olympics hardcore when it's on every other year, and we occasionally watch MMA fights.  That's it... I know that living especially in South, that this "behavior" of ours is almost unacceptable, but we just have never gotten into watching sports!  Anyways, back to the story... so, Craig totally felt that him not recognizing who Ryan was may have offended them.  He was so stressed out and just felt completely awful!  So, he played it off when it all clicked and continued on with the rest of the consultation.  When he came home, he looked defeated all evening and was just not himself.  If you know my husband, he's happy... like ALL the time.  Because he was feeling bad, I felt bad for him and kept telling him that you never know and that maybe they like the fact that you're not "star struck".  

Well, I guess it's obvious what the ending of this story is, but yes, they did book us and Craig was totally shocked.  We then scheduled and planned their engagement session at Lake Lanier.  Through that session is when we really began to know this couple in a deeper way... I remember talking to Craig as we drove home together.  We talked about how unbelievably humble Kelsey + Ryan are.  Really, with the way they treat you and are both so down to earth, you would never know what they do for a living.  They really are like your next door neighbors.  They really have become role models to us... Humility is very attractive, beautiful and a noble thing.  It makes that person so approachable, real, kind and genuine.  I believe that this is the case because Jesus's number one characteristic is humility and Kesey + Ryan reflect that characteristic so well.  Even as we were capturing their wedding ceremony, I remember their pastor talking about how good and authentic their hearts are and giving examples of when he got to witness it.  

We are so honored to have been part of such a beautiful wedding.... Kelsey was drop dead gorgeous, and Ryan was simply dapper!  Every single little detail they chose for their wedding day was classy and timeless.  That's what Kelsey was going for and she did such a good job with it.  Their reception was a party that was full of life and celebration.  It was so good to see these two smile and laugh so much and have a good time with their beloved family and friends. What a joyous day it was!  

Kelsey + Ryan, it's been a pleasure... a true pleasure!  Thank you for allowing us to partake on the most joyous occasion of your lives.  It's been so fun getting to know you both.  You have taught us more than you can imagine... Keep being awesome!  We love you guys and will always be praying that your marriage will continue to shine!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong